b'LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO. LEGENDHEADER S/LPAGE NO.Microwave Hazard In This Area WARNING L 250 Negative Current Symbol L 309Microwave In Use CAUTION L 250 Neutron S 253Microwave In Use CAUTION S 250 Never Place Hands Under Ram Or Die Area DANGER L 177Microwave In Use (Bilingual-Spanish) CAUTION S 269 Never Reach Into Moving Machinery DANGER L 177, 276Microwave Oven Could Be Harmful To PersonsCAUTION S 269 Nip Point CAUTION S 179Wearing Pacemakers (Bilingual-Spanish) Nip Point DANGER S 179Microwave Oven In Use CAUTION S 250 Nitric Acid DANGER S 135Microwave Oven In Use NOTICE S 250 Nitrogen DANGER S 134Mixed Gas L 136 Nitrogen Empty Cylinders S 140Mixed Paper Only S 212 Nitrogen Full Cylinders S 140Mixed Two-Cycle Fuel L 136 Nitrogen Storage No Smoking No Open Flames DANGER S 246Monitored By Video Camera NOS 118 Nitrogen, Compressed Non-Flammable WarningL 141TRESPASSING Keep Away From Heat, Flame Or SparksMonitored By Video Camera NOTICE S 118 No Access L 308Monitored By Video Camera RESTRICTEDS 118 No Accidents SAFETY FIRST S 238AREA No Accidents THINK S 238RESTRICTEDNo Accidents L 226Monitored By Video Camera (Bilingual-Spanish) AREA/AREAS 118 No Admittance DANGER S 115RESTRINGIDAMotor Oil Only L 135 No Admittance NOTICE S 115Motorcycle Parking Only S 255 No Admittance S 115, 208Moving Conveyor CAUTION S 178 No Admittance Authorized Personnel Only NOTICE S 115Moving Conveyors DANGER S 178 No Admittance Employees Only NOTICE S 115Moving Equipment Can Cause Severe Injury KeepNo Admittance Without A Permit NOTICE S 115Away WARNING L 178, 277 No Admittance Without Authorization S 116Moving Gate Can Cause Serious Injury Or Death. WARNING S 120, 274 No Alcohol Or Drugs Allowed On These Premises NOTICE S 121Moving Machinery DANGER L 177 No Alcohol Or Drugs Permitted On CompanyNOTICE S 121Moving Machinery DANGER S 176, 276 PremisesMoving Machinery (Bilingual-Spanish) DANGER S 176, 265 No Alcohol Or Drugs Permitted On PropertyNOTICE S 121Moving Machinery Do Not Enter DANGER L 177 Including Parking LotMoving Machinery Do Not Enter DANGER S 176 No Alcoholic Beverages NOTICE S 121Moving Machinery Keep Hands And Feet Clear DANGER L 177, 276 No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed NOTICE S 121Moving Parts DANGER L 177 No Alcoholic Beverages Or Drugs Permitted OnS 121This PropertyMoving Parts Will Cause Severe Injury Keep Away DANGER L 178, 277 No Beverages Or Food Allowed In This Area Moving Saw Blade May Result In Loss Of Fingers(Bilingual-Spanish) S 267Or Limbs DANGER S 176MR/HR At This Point Is___ Date Posted___ By___ S 253 No Cellular Phones NOTICE S 250No Coma O Beba En Esta Area AVISO S 268Must Be Reported Immediately To PlantCHEMICALS 207 No Concealed Weapons Allowed On This Property NOTICE S 121Supervisory Personnel SPILLAGE No Concealed Weapons Allowed On This Property Must Be Worn When Using Compressed Air SAFETYS 218 (Symbol) NOTICE S 121GLASSES No Concealed Weapons Beyond This Point NOTICE S 121Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work EMPLOYEES S 213 No Dialing No Texting While Driving L 256Muster Point S 188, 317,No Dialing/No Texting While Driving S 285323Muster Point 1 S 188 No Drivers Beyond This Point NOTICE S 257Muster Point 2 S 188 No Dumping NOTICE S 212Muster Point 3 S 188 No Dumping S 206Muster Point 4 S 188 No Dumping Allowed NOTICE S 212Muster Point 5 S 188 No Eating Or Drinking In This Area NOTICE S 214Muster Point 6 S 188 No Eating Or Drinking In This Area (Bilingual- NOTICE S 214, 267Muster Point 7 S 188 Spanish)Muster Point 8 S 188 No Eating, Smoking, Or Drinking BIOHAZARD S 142188, 189,No Entre Solo Personal Autorizado PELIGRO S 263Muster Point with People Symbol (Symbol) S 317, 323 No Entry (Glow) S 184, 316189, 317,No Entry By Unauthorized Personnel S 253Muster Station (Down Arrow Symbol) S 323 No Exit NOTICE L 123, 274Muster Station (Left Arrow Symbol) S 189, 317,No Exit NOTICE S 122323 No Exit S 122, 123Muster Station (Right Arrow Symbol) S 317, 323 No Exit (Bilingual-Spanish) S 123My Aim: No Accidents L 226 No Exit (Glow) S 122, 320My Aim: Zero Accidents L 226 No Exit (Red On Glow) S 122N No Fire Fighting (Symbol)(Glow) S 189, 323No Fire Or Open Flame S 306N (Neutral Conductor A.C.) L 309 No Firearms Allowed On Premises NOTICE S 121Natural Gas DANGER S 135 No Firearms Allowed On This Property NOTICE S 121Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (RadiationCAUTION S 252 No Firearms Allowed On This Property S 285Symbol)100 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'