b'Security & Surveillance10" x 14"MASE303 7" x 10"MASE822 7" x 10"MASE831 7" x 10"MASE802 7" x 10"MASE806 7" x 10"MASE81010" x 14"MASE823 10" x 14"MASE830 10" x 14"MASE803 10" x 14"MASE807 10" x 14"MASE81214" x 20"MASE814 14" x 20"MASE815 14" x 10"SBMASE8127" x 10"MASE805 7" x 10"MASE816 7" x 10"MASE902 10" x 14" SBMASE903M10" x 14"MADM803 10" x 14"MASE801 10" x 14"MASE90310" x 7"MASE813 10" x 7"SBMASE813 10" x 7"MASE90014" x 10"MASE809 14" x 10"SBMASE809 14" x 10"MASE90120" x 14"SBMASE817Security Stop Safety SignsFor use on private property, these signs increase the visible enforcement of security in and around your facility.12" OctagonMAST200 12" OctagonMAST220 12" OctagonMAST214 12" OctagonMAST202Semi-Custom Signs LabelsHave your information printed inSold in Adhesive Vinyl packaged, or Adhesive Dura-Vinyl place of shaded text. To order, referindividually. When ordering, add material code after part number.to part number and provide your8:00 to 6:00 Adhesive VinylVSP Dura-VinylXVEinformation. 10" x 14"MADM474 Size Price / Pkg. Price / Each3 1/2" x 5" $12.31 / Pkg. of 5 5.17 3 1/2" x 5"LADM015SecuritySecurity Height InformationRuler TapeCenter Quickly identify the height of a person. Mount ruler tape on or near door framesSecurity information 1-mil white flexible Mylar protected by center is sold as1-mil clear matte filma kit including the 2"W, with numbers 44" to 80" and footbackboard, rack, andmarksbinder.Black print on white makes it easy to read Store evacuation and Self-adhesive backassembly assignments, rescue and medicalNo. Price / Eachduties, securityPTR428$26.98measures, and more in one convenient location Bold red stripes printed on a sturdy aluminum backboard for highCustom Ruler Tapes visibility Ruler tapes adhere to tables, floors, walls, or wherever measuring needs toCoated-wire basket holds the large-capacity 3-ring binder take place. They are available in various lengths, widths, measurement markMounting holes are supplied in all corners for easy installation resolutions, and configurations reading: horizontal left to right; horizontal right to left; vertical up; and vertical down. Available printed on adhesive vinyl with a No. Price / Each finish to protect the measuring marks from chemical and abrasions.EMC224 $118.75 To order, refer to part number PTR555, and specify graduation, width, length, configuration, background color, and quantity, for a quote.118 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'