b'Site Hazard PPE Kit Construction Site Customizable sign kit warns of specificNEW NEWhazards and PPE requirements on site PPE-ID Signs Printed on aluminum protected by Duck ArmorDesigned specifically with commonly used PPE for theRequires mounting to a wall or fenceconstruction market Kit includes 12 self-adhesive Dura-Vinyl ISO style Ideal for posting at entrances, in trailers, and morePPE labelsPrinted on aluminum with four corner holes or reinforcedAdd your other site specific information using permanentTM vinyl banner material TMfade-proof markers or paint pensChoose our stock version or add yourFinished with rounded cornerscompany name at no extra chargeand four mounting holes No. Price / Each 24"H x 36"W MCST103 $157.62Required PersonalProtective EquipmentEquipo De Proteccin Personal ObligatorioHACRADSC HOAT GASFAAFSE DTYEGSELGASUSREIDSADCAMWISOAR DKE S THRIARBTAJO P HREOATREICNGC IPRNO ATUEDCITTIIOVNACHALESCAOF EDTEY S VEEGSUTRIDAD PPAANNTTASLO ONRE OS VOE MRAOLNLOSSGGULAONVTEESS BOWTAOSR DKE B TOROATBSAJOSafety First Your Name HereSeguridad PrimeroVisit our website to view selection of included ISOAluminum protected by Duck Armorstyle PPE labels. Size Stock Semi-Custom Price / EachEnglish28" x 20" PPE505 PPE501 $61.62Paint Marker Pens 36" x 24" PPE506 PPE502 90.97Bilingual (English/Spanish) For use in some of the most difficult28" x 20" SBPPE505 SBPPE501 61.62environments 36" x 24" SBPPE506 SBPPE502 90.97 Permanent and fade resistantTo order, add color code after part number:43" x 28" Banner MaterialBlackBK, BlueBU, GreenGN. Item Stock Semi-Custom Price / EachNo. Price / Each English MBR409 MBR413 $24.37HMD325 $8.78 Bilingual (English/Spanish) SBMBR409 SBMBR413 24.37Custom PPE-ID Signs APPROVED PERSONALAttract attention to and remind employees, contractors, and visitorsPROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTabout the requirements to wear protective equipment. HEARING PROTECTION EYE PROTECTION HAIR COVERINGSFull-color, fully customizable PPE-ID Charts are designed to identify your company\'s approved PPE required for use within the facility as a whole, or byERGONOMICS BODY PROTECTIONindividual departments or sections. Place Custom PPE-ID Charts at entrances,RESPIRATORY PROTECTIONdoorways, time clocks, and locker or changing areas.Go to page 236 for complete information and how to order detailsFOOT PROTECTION HAND PROTECTION158 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'