b'AlarmGlows Glows7" x 14"MFXG5797" x 10"MFXG407 7" x 10"MLFX538 7" x 10"MEXG51810" x 14"MFXG409 10" x 14\'MLFX540 10" x 14"MEXG52914" x 10"MFXG585 10" x 7"MFXG448 10" x 7"MLFX53514" x 10"MFXG904 14" x 10"MLFX575 4" x 12" MFXG411GlowsFIRE ALARMANDSPRINKLERACCESS7" x 10"MEXG523 7" x 10"MEXG514 7" x 10"MFXG413 7" x 10"MEXG52210" x 14"MEXG534 10" x 14"MEXG525 10" x 14"MFXG452 10" x 14"MEXG5334" x 12" MFXG415 FIRE ALARMPANEL INSIDE7" x 10"MEXG521 7" x 10"MEXG516 10" x 14"MFXG47310" x 14"MEXG532 10" x 14"MEXG52718" x 4"MFXG40818" x 4"MFXG567 24" x 4"MLFX57624" x 4"MFXG905Semi-Custom Signs Reflective Adhesive Signs LabelsHave your information printed in placeSold in Adhesive Vinyl packaged, or Adhesive Dura-Vinyl of shaded text. To order, refer to partindividually. When ordering, add material code after part number.number and provide your information.14" x 10"MFXG904RV 3 1/2" x 5"LADM539 4" x 4" LFXG537 3 1/2" x 5"LFXG544BY PHONE (999) 999-999910" x 14"MFXG594 Adhesive VinylVSP Dura-VinylXVESize Price / Each Size Price / Pkg. Price / Each14" x 10" $21.42 3 1/2" x 5"$12.31 / Pkg. of 5 5.174" x 4"InformationProcedure CentersProvide access to emergency information. Post evacuation and assembly assignments, rescue and medical duties, security measures, and more in one convenient location Sturdy aluminum backboard is 20"H x 15"W and printed with bold red stripes for high visibility Attached coated-wire basket holds the large-capacity, 1 1/2" diameter, 3-ring binder Four corner mounting holes are supplied for easy installationCenters are sold as complete kits including the backboard, basket, and binders as shownPrice / Kit20" x 15"EMC210 20" x 15"EMC224 20" x 15"EMC205$118.75186 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'