b'Outdoor Muster Point SignsTM18" x 24"FRR928RA 18" x 24"FRR912RA 18" x 24"FRR916RA24" x 30"FRR929RA 24" x 30"FRR913RA 24" x 30"FRR917RA24" x 24"FRR918RA30" x 30"FRR919RA18" x 24"FRR910RA 18" x 24"FRR9141RA 18" x 24"FRR9142RA24" x 30"FRR911RA 24" x 30"FRR9151RA 24" x 30"FRR9152RA24" x 24"FRR922RA30" x 30"FRR923RA18" x 24"FRR9143RA 18" x 24"FRR9144RA 18" x 24"FRR9145RA 18" x 24"FRR9146RA 24" x 30"FRR9153RA 24" x 30"FRR9154RA 24" x 30"FRR9155RA 24" x 30"FRR9156RAPrice per EachSize Engineer-GradePrismatic - RA18" x 24" $104.3924" x 30" 167.3324" x 24" 139.0018" x 24"FRR9147RA 18" x 24"FRR9148RA 30" x 30" 192.3224" x 30"FRR9157RA 24" x 30"FRR9158RAJob-Site BoxAssembly Point Durable steel box stores Indicator Kits and secures emergency NEW evacuation plansFlashing light and eye-catching 20-gauge steel construction message cone help identify thebox has sloping hinged lid location of assembly areas even inwith lockable hasplow-light conditions.Foam gasket lining for outdoorKit includes 35" Quad Cone (PFC936)exposurewith text, Lock-in Flashing light (PFC420),Measures 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" x Pack of 6 D-batteries (HPB113)4 1/2" and can hold up toCan be used indoors and outdoors 3" wide binder (not included) Battery-powered flashing light affixes to top Secure lid with 11" releasable, of bodyreusable nylon tiesAssembly Point text appears on all four sides;(sold separately)includes muster point pictorial near base Item No. Price / Each For Sign Posts and Style No. Price / Each Job-Site Box ZRS360 $269.37 Accessories, See Kit w/ Non-Reflective text PFC413 $145.71 11" Nylon Tie HTT109 0.75 Page 576.Kit w/ Reflective text PFC412 165.80Customize Job-Site Boxes with your wording, symbol, or logo. Refer to part number ZRS365 for a quote. 188 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'