b'Shut-off SignsGlows7" x 10"MFXG805 7" x 10"MFXG801 7" x 10"MELC522 10" x 14"MELC516 10" x 14"MFXG541 10" x 14"MFXG53810" x 14"MFXG804 10" x 14"MFXG802 10" x 14"MELC518Glows10" x 14"MSPK509 10" x 14"MLFX513 10" x 14"MCHL530 10" x 14"MCHL534 10" x 14"MCHL53324" x 4"MFXG927Best Value!How to Order Signs:Select Sign Part Number:For Each, Add Material Code:For Package, Add Material Code & 10:Save 10%10" x 14"MFXG804 PlasticVP= MFXG804VP PlasticVP= MFXG804VP10Adhesive VinylVS PlasticVP AluminumVA * Dura-VinylXV Dura-PlasticXT * Glow FlexGF Glow PlasticGPSize EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 10 EachPkg. of 107" x 10" $8.31 74.71 9.06 81.55 13.22 118.88 9.57 86.13 15.91 143.1924" x 4" 9.51 85.42 10.35 93.06 18.13 163.04 10.93 98.37 21.84 196.5710" x 14" 12.46 112.15 13.53 121.77 21.95 197.48 14.33 128.97 26.48 238.33 28.73 258.48 37.57 338.04* VA and XT signs are protected by Duck Armorsee inside front cover Additional materials are available for a variety of performance needssee page 77Reflective HydrantHydrant RingsMarkers Highly visible ring allows Narrow-profile, colored markersFire and EMS personnelprovide extra visibility and easyto immediately identifyidentification of fire hydrants. out-of-service fire hydrants. Durable, all-weather fire hydrant markers Hydrant ring provides a quick offer a narrow profile and nearlyvisual indicator to emergency unbreakable, vandal-resistant design personnel regarding theColor-fast, UV-stabilized post is extrudedfunctionality of fire hydrantpolycarbonate that resists sun and weather Attach .060" polycarbonate plastic hydrant damage ring to either the fire hydrants 6" main or Reflective strip at top of the hydrant markerthe 3.5" outlet sideprovides added visibility in dark and low Rings have messages printed on one sidelight conditions and are available in three reflective prismatic colors Ideal for identifying hydrant location inYellow, Orange, or Redsnow drifts When light shines on the rings, they become visible in low light Marker hinge, molded from an all-weather,and dark conditionsUV-stabilized polymer, mechanically fastens to a galvanized, high-carbon steel base To order, add color code after part number: RedRD, YellowYL, OrangeOR Easily fasten to hydrant bonnet bolts withincluded bracket (.7" dia. bracket hole) Inside Hole Diameter Outside Diameter No. Price / Each Weighs from 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 lbs. 3 1/2" 7 1/2" MFH800 $23.55 Available in Red, Yellow, and Blue 6" 11" MFH801 31.84To order, add color code after part number: RedRD,YellowYL, BlueBUHeight No. Price / Each Custom Hydrant Rings24" MFH824 $33.2536" MFH83636.68 Visually identify unusable fire hydrants by applying your custom imprinted 48" MFH84842.59 hydrant ring for your facility with your number matching system. Contact us today for a quote. Refer to part number MFH855 and specify your Additional colors options available. Call to order. requirements.198 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'