b'Custom PPE-ID ChartsShow them what youve told them! TMAttract attention to and remind employees, contractors, and visitors about the requirements to wear protective equipment.Full-color, fully customizable PPE-ID Charts are designed to identify yourAPPROVED PERSONALcompanys approved PPE required for use within the facility as a whole, or byPROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTindividual departments or sections. Place Custom PPE-ID Charts at entrances, doorways, time clocks, and lockers or changing areas. Available each in Plastic,HEARING PROTECTION EYE PROTECTION HAIR COVERINGSAluma-Lite or Accu-Shield. Reinforce training programs by showing full-color images of required PPE Help non-English speaking workers quickly recognize requiredERGONOMICS BODY PROTECTIONprotective equipment RESPIRATORY PROTECTION Reinforce already-posted warning messages Strengthen awareness of required PPE Include specific product names and part numbers for easy referenceFOOT PROTECTION HAND PROTECTIONHow to order Custom PPE-ID Charts Provide a list of your companys approved PPE (e.g., supplier/manufacturer names, part numbers, and descriptions) EYE PROTECTIONProvide the images needed for the Custom PPE-ID Chart, or we can Approved Personal Protective Equipment assist in securing images HEAD PROTECTION 088158 G48415Magid AearoY15CFC 11329-00000Safety Glasses, Magid Gemstone Safety Glasses,Myst Flex Y15, Clear Lens, Virtua, Clear Frame,Specify material and size requirements HEARING Clear Frame, Padded Temple Clear Anti-Fog LensPROTECTIONIndicate your preferred layout ideas 342878 205773o BODY PROTECTIONMSA AllegrHard Hat, Type 1, V475358-Guard, Fas-Trac 1410Suspension, Slotted, White Head Sock, Paint SprayProvide your logos, colors, design, graphics, and other images 054090 022124 J94806HowarLL30d-Leight AltaEar Plug, Laser-Lite -Corded, NRR-3050410 LakelandKnee Pad, Alta Superflex 50410, E8412-2XAn art proof will be provided for your review and approval Black with Rubber Cap, Coverall, LakelandVelcro Fastening Economy SMS, No ElasticRESPIRATORY PROTECTIONQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. 277653 3441853M 3M6001 8511 FOOTRespirator Cartridge, Dust Mask, w/Exhale PROTECTION HAND PROTECTIONSize No. Organic Vapor #6001 Valve, 3M #8511Plastic APPROVED PERSONAL 24" x 18" PPE324 324929 PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT J85598 2014722776553M 362851 CB6207 Ansell3M 7502 3M Vallen CCP 1939416800 Respirator, Half-Mask 5P71 VL5640 990588L Gloves, Latex Canners, #394,28" x 22" PPE328 Respirator, Full-Face, #6000 Series Professional, #7500 Series Respirator Prefilter, #5P71 Boot Cover, Tyvek, No Sole Gloves, Latex Disposable Pattern-Embossed, 20 mil.HEAD PROTECTION HEARING PROTECTION36" x 24" PPE33248" x 36" PPE334other size PPE355Aluma-Lite signs are protected by Duck Armorsee inside front cover24" x 18" PPE621 EYE PROTECTION28" x 22" PPE623OTHER PROTECTION36" x 24" PPE62548" x 36" PPE62772" x 48" PPE629other size PPE655 OTHER PROTECTIONAccu-Shield (.189" thickness)24" x 18" PPE840 FOOT PROTECTION28" x 22" PPE84236" x 24" PPE84448" x 36" PPE846 Before72" x 48" PPE848 If you need Personal Protective Equipment,other size PPE855 contact your supervisor immediately.MAIN After236 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'