b'Ultra-Smoke StopsHide your dirty butts with this durably built cigaretteNEWreceptacle designed to keep smoking areas clean. Slim neck design keeps smoke in while also keeping rainwater out Ideal for placement in office entrances, restaurant patios, break areas, and designated smoking zones Made from Polyethyleneto prevent rust and corrosion Steel pail base holds four gallonsroughly 3,000 cigarettes Receptacle is easy to clean and replace as necessary 41"H x 14"D andweighs 10-lbs.To order, add color code after part number.Item Price / EachSMK202 $113.99 BeigeBG GrayGY Forest GreenGN RedRD BlackBKBIGSignsMark pathways, warn of hazards, and display safety reminders in a BIG way around the construction site with these BIGSigns. On an active job site, signs with bold messages and large letters are visible to gain the necessary attention from varying distances. Available in four BIG stock sizes: 18" x 24"MSMK105 18" x 24"MSMK818 18" x 24"MSMK96624" x 36"MSMK116 24" x 36"MSMK830 24" x 36"MSMK97748" x 72" | 36" x 48"36" x 48"MSMK122 36" x 48"MSMK833 36" x 48"MSMK98624" x 36" | 18" x 24" 48" x 72"MSMK123 48" x 72"MSMK834 48" x 72"MSMK987For a Custom Message or Size, See Page 24.NO SMOKINGORVAPING18" x 24"MSMK960 18" x 24"SBMSMK960 18" x 24"SBMSMG532 18" x 24"MSMK51124" x 36"MSMK971 24" x 36"SBMSMK971 24" x 36"SBMSMG533 24" x 36"MSMK51436" x 48"MSMK988 36" x 48"SBMSMK988 36" x 48"SBMSMG534 36" x 48"MSMG57448" x 72"MSMK989 48" x 72"SBMSMK989 48" x 72"SBMSMG535 48" x 72"MSMG577Best Value!How to Order BIGSigns:Select Sign Part Number:For Each, Add Material Code:For Package, Add Material Code & 10:Save 10%18" x 24"MEQM212 PlasticVP= MEQM212VP PlasticVP= MEQM212VP10Adhesive VinylVS PlasticVP AluminumVA * Dura-VinylXV Dura-PlasticXT *Size Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 1018" x 24" $29.42 264.69 30.33 272.88 50.06 441.54 32.11 288.90 59.13 532.1724" x 36" 54.93 494.37 90.97 818.77Size Dura FiberglassXAF *36" x 48" (3-ft. x 4-ft.) $251.1148" x 72" (4-ft. x 6-ft.) 439.02* VA, XT and XAF signs are protected by Duck Armorsee inside front cover Additional materials are available for a variety of performance needssee page 77249 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'