b'Keep Your English & Spanish Speaking Employees SafeBilingual Spanish signs are designed to convey the same proper direction and safety information to Spanish-speaking workers,as English signs. These signs and labels conform to the guidelinesof ANSI Z535.2 Z535.2 In certain areas of the country where other languages are used,consideration should be given to providing messages in those languagesEnglish/Spanish (Mexican)Admittance & ExitGlows10" x 14" SBMADM006M14" x 10"SBMADM006 14" x 10"SBMADM014 14" x 10"SBMADM139 14" x 10"SBMADM141 14" x 10"SBMLAD110 14" x 10"SBMADM11420" x 14"SBMADM108 20" x 14"SBMCRT011 20" x 14"SBMADM129 20" x 14"SBMADM1317" x 10"SBMADM889M10" x 14" SBMADM888M14" x 10"SBMADM146 14" x 10"SBMADM076 14" x 10"SBMADM304 14" x 10"SBMABR607 14" x 10"SBMABR625 14" x 10"SBMADM86620" x 14"SBMADM147 20" x 14"SBMATR112 20" x 14"SBMATR302 20" x 14"SBMABR610 20" x 14"SBMABR622 20" x 14"SBMADC84014" x 10"SBMADC804 14" x 10"SBMABR825 14" x 10"SBMATR806 14" x 10"SBMASE812 14" x 10"SBMADC838 14" x 10"SBMADC810 14" x 10"SBMADC51920" x 14"SBMADM403 20" x 14"SBMABR824 20" x 14"SBMATR804PROPIEDAD PROPIEDADPRIVADA PRIVADA10" x 14" SBMEXT906M14" x 20" SBMEXT907M14" x 10"SBMADM906 14" x 10"SBMATR540 14" x 10"SBMATR510 14" x 10"SBMATR539 14" x 10"SBMADC523 14" x 10"SBMEXT90620" x 14"SBMADC521 20" x 14"SBMEXT907262 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'