b'ANSI ISOSafety SignsAs of September 11, 2013, under the Direct Final Rule (DFR), OSHA validates and adopts ANSI Z535 product safety labeling formats through an update to facility safety signs and tag regulations, which states that any company cannot be fined for using ANSI signs or labels in the workplace As a result, the ISO-7010: 2011, graphical symbols were incorporated on the symbol panels of ANSI Z535-style signage, so that any person or worker would be able to understand and comprehend the sign no matter what language it was printed inAs such, their use in the workplace is a significant step forward in improving safety and better protecting workers of all backgrounds by ensuring that everyone in the work environment is able to understand the potential hazards around them regardless of language or literacy level.7" x 10"MRHL012 7" x 10"MRSP108 7" x 10"MRDM106 7" x 10"MRHL10710" x 14"MRHL011 10" x 14"MRSP106 10" x 14"MRDM104 10" x 14"MRHL1067" x 10"MRHL009 7" x 10"MVHR026 7" x 10"MRLC113 7" x 10"MRQM10510" x 14"MRHL008 10" x 14"MVHR021 10" x 14"MRLC112 10" x 14"MRQM103Menworkingabove.7" x 10"MRQM111 7" x 10"MRQM113 7" x 10"MRPE111 7" x 10"MELC36910" x 14"MRQM107 10" x 14"MRQM112 10" x 14"MRPE109 10" x 14"MELC3677" x 10"MRDM303 7" x 10"MRHZ307 7" x 10"MRLC308 7" x 10"MRPE31210" x 14"MRDM302 10" x 14"MRHZ306 10" x 14"MRLC307 10" x 14"MRPE311272 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'