b'LED Sign ProjectorA perfect solution for generating signs in areas where conventional wall andNEWfloor signs are difficult to apply or will not hold up due to their environment. Made from heavy-duty cast aluminum Air cooling technology prevents overheating CREE high power LED chip delivers high performance Long-life 30,000 hour low energy efficient LED bulb Operates on 110V, 2.7-2.8A with 3-ft. power cordProjector comes with a remote control and built inmounting bracket Sign images can rotate or be locked in one position Can be used in damp environments* Viewing distance by light level: complete dark262-ft.; dim light65-164-ft.; bright light49-ft. Sign lenses are interchangeable, additional stock legends are sold separately or customize your virtual sign 2 Year limited manufacturers warranty*Not recommended for outdoor useItem Price / EachProjector w/ 1 Lens $1290.01 Projector w/Lens VPL601Lens VPL601LENSLens Only 159.43DISTANCE FROM PROJECTOR DETERMINES IMAGE SIZE4-ftt 6-ftt 8-ftft 10-ft-ft 13-ft3-ftProjector0-ft 16-ft 24-ft 32-ft 40-ft 50-ftP R OPE RELECTRICAL PPE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING PANELREQUIRED DONOT BLOCKProjector w/Lens VPL901 Projector w/Lens VPL902 Projector w/Lens VPL903 Projector w/Lens VPL904 Projector w/Lens VPL905Lens VPL901LENS Lens VPL902LENS Lens VPL903LENS Lens VPL904LENS Lens VPL905LENSSTOP KEEPHONK AISLESPROCEED CLEARProjector w/Lens VPL906 Projector w/Lens VPL907 Projector w/Lens VPL908 Projector w/Lens VPL909 Projector w/Lens VPL910Lens VPL906LENS Lens VPL907LENS Lens VPL908LENS Lens VPL909LENS Lens VPL910LENSCustom LED Sign ProjectorCustomize a lens with your message and graphic. Use VPL155 Single color lens only, VPL255 Two color lens only, or VPL355 Full Color lens only. Use VPL955 for custom lens and projector.282 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'