b'SAFETY SHOES MUST SAFETY SHOES STEEL TOE SHOES WEAR PROTECTIVEBE WORN IN THIS AREA REQUIRED IN THIS AREA REQUIRED IN THIS AREA EQUIPMENT6" x 24" SSL217 6" x 24" SSL219 6" x 24" SSL231 6" x 24" SSL207WELDING PROTECTIVE CELLULAR PHONES NO DIALING/NO TEXTING NO FIREARMS ALLOWEDWEAR REQUIRED PROHIBITED WHILE DRIVING ON THIS PROPERTYIN THIS AREA6" x 24" SSL233 6" x 24" SSL519 6" x 24" SSL501 6" x 24" SSL505NO FIREARMS OR NO HIGH HEEL, OPEN TOE,NO FOOD OR DRINK NO FOOD OR DRINK OPEN HEEL OR TENNIS (ATHLETIC)WEAPONS ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT IN THIS AREA SHOES, SANDALS, SHORTS ORON THIS PROPERTY SLEEVELESS SHIRTS6" x 24" SSL503 6" x 24" SSL507 6" x 24" SSL509 6" x 24" SSL511PHOTOS ARE NOT SHORTS, SLEEVELESS THIS IS A SMOKE FREE WATCH OUT FORALLOWED UNLESS SHIRTS AND UN-TUCKED AND TOBACCO FREE MOVING EQUIPMENTAUTHORIZED SHIRTS ARE PROHIBITED FACILITY6" x 24" SSL513 6" x 24" SSL515 6" x 24" SSL517 6" x 24" SSL601A CLEAN WORK AREA CAUTION FORKLIFT TRAFFIC KEEP CLEAR OF SWINGIS A SAFE WORK AREA WATCH FOR MOVING KEEP CLEAR RADIUS OF CRANESVEHICLES6" x 24" SSL401 6" x 24" SSL609 6" x 24" SSL607 6" x 24" SSL605WATCH OUT FOR REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE EXIT EXITOVERHEAD CRANES6" x 24" SSL603 6" x 24" SSL403 6" x 24" SSL112 6" x 24" SSL111EXTINGUISHER EXTINGUISHER Custom Changeable Signs6" x 24" SSL122 6" x 24" SSL121 Create a sign with your specific motivational message, department name, or other information for your Changeable Sign System. Include your logo and other corporate branding elements.Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.EYE WASH EYE WASH Item No.STATION STATION Custom Changeable Signs SSL5556" x 24" SSL117 6" x 24" SSL116FIRE ESCAPE FIRE ESCAPE6" x 24" SSL107 6" x 24" SSL106RESTROOMS RESTROOMS6" x 24" SSL102 6" x 24" SSL101285 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'