b'ADA Braille Tactile SignsMeet ADA requirements with braille signs when designating permanent rooms and spaces in your facility. Easy-to-read contrasting text with non-glare surface and graphic symbol (as shown) 1/32" raised Grade 2 tactile brailleSingle-piece construction, injection-molded plastic that is 1/8" thick with color in the material Radius corners Double-faced foam tape included for installation Available Colors: White on BlackBK, White on BlueBU8" x 8"PAD921 8" x 8"PAD923 8" x 8"PAD927 8" x 8"PAD929 8" x 8"PAD9258" x 8"PAD931(Symbol only, without braille)8" x 8"PAD926 8" x 8"PAD104 8" x 8"PAD933 8" x 8"PAD935 8" x 8"PAD9379" x 6"PAD139 9" x 6"PAD112 9" x 6"PAD124 9" x 6"PAD131 9" x 6"PAD1229" x 6"PAD115 9" x 6"PAD107 9" x 6"PAD105 9" x 6"PAD101 9" x 6"PAD102To order, add the color abbreviation after the part number: White on BlackBK, White on BlueBU.Size Price / Each8" x 8" $51.179" x 6" 51.759" x 6"PAD100 9" x 6"PAD156 9" x 6"PAD110 9" x 6"PAD108286 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'