b'Engraved Accu-Ply SignsEngraved Accu-Ply Signs are bold and attractive for the office and work environment. Their coordinating colors provide a clean professional look.With consistent placement and appearance throughout a facility, engraved signs can help people find their way around. Accu-Ply is thick two-ply ABS plastic. Engraving the plastic sign blank shows the underlayer that contrasts with the surface color. Engraved Accu-Ply Facility SignsTo order, add color code (from below) after the part number.Identify rooms and areas throughout the facility with these attractive, engraved signs. Style Size Price / Each Engraved with Helvetica font characters Standard Word 3" x 8" $28.53 Beveled edges (all four) for a decorative border finish Graphic & Word 3" x 12" 37.94 Self-adhesive foam tape (included) or use Door & Wall Plate Holders (sold separately on page 294)Symbol & Character 3" x 3" 23.22for easy changeability and a great look Service Temperature Range: -40F to 178FAccu-Ply Color CombinationsBlack onBlack onBlack onBlack onWhite onWhite onWhite on White onWhite onWhite onWhite onWhite on white silver brass yellow black brown blue gray greenred maroon walnutWT SL BA YL BK BR BU GY GN RD MR WLOther Accu-Ply color combinations are available. Please contact us and specify your color requirements to meet your needs.Standard Word Signs3" x 8"PSG878 PSG800 PSG856 PSG870 PSG904 PSG812PSG816 PSG850 PSG824 PSG826 PSG832 PSG840Graphic & Word Signs3" x 12"PSG618 PSG616 PSG606 PSG610 PSG620Custom EngravedTo order, specify wording and/or symbol, PSG622 PSG608 Accu-Plycolor, and quantity. Facility SignsContact us for a quote.Engraved Accu-PlySize No.Symbol & Character Signs Facility Signs with other3" x 3" PSG3553" x 3" words and symbols3" x 12" PSG555are available.3" x 8" PSG855PSG307 PSG309 PSG311 PSG315 PSG319293 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'