b'International Organization forStandardization (ISO) Safety SignsInternationally recognized symbols communicate safety messages without words.Colorful symbols set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in a universal format are easily recognized and understood across language barriers. Safety messages and actions to be taken are distinguished by shapes and colorsDisplay in areas requiring safety symbol messages Signs are available in two sizes and three materials: adhesive vinyl, plastic, and aluminum All plastic and aluminum ISO signs have post mount holesISO signs are available in three categories distinguishable by their shape and color format:Mandatory - take action to avoid the hazard. Prohibition - forbid an action to avoid the hazard. Warning - identify the hazard to avoid.MandatoryWearWearWearWearWear Face Shield Wear Eye Protection Hearing Protection Head Protection Hand Protection & Eye Protection Foot Protection6"MISO101 6"MISO103 6"MISO105 6"MISO107 6"MISO108 6"MISO11112"MISO161 12"MISO163 12"MISO165 12"MISO167 12"MISO168 12"MISO171WearWear Wear Head Wear Head, HearingWear RespiratoryRespiratory Protection Wear Mask Protective Clothing & Eye Protection & Eye Protection & Head Protection6"MISO113 6"MISO115 6"MISO117 6"MISO118 6"MISO120 6"MISO12212"MISO173 12"MISO175 12"MISO177 12"MISO178 12"MISO180 12"MISO182Wear Unplug Consult Technical Manual forLockout inSafety Harness Electrical Supply Use Pedestrian Route Proper Procedure Wash Hands De-Engergized State6"MISO125 6"MISO127 6"MISO129 6"MISO130 6"MISO133 6"MISO13412"MISO185 12"MISO187 12"MISO189 12"MISO190 12"MISO193 12"MISO194ProhibitionDo Not Extinguish Do Not No Fire orNo Pedestrians with Water Not Drinking Water Expose to Water No Smoking Open Flame6"MISO501 6"MISO505 6"MISO507 6"MISO509 6"MISO511 6"MISO51312"MISO561 12"MISO565 12"MISO567 12"MISO569 12"MISO571 12"MISO573Do Not Do Not Do Not Do NotRemove Guard Throw Switch Touch Electrical Hazard Touch Surface Do Not Touch6"MISO514 6"MISO517 6"MISO518 6"MISO521 6"MISO52212"MISO574 12"MISO577 12"MISO578 12"MISO581 12"MISO582306 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'