b'International Organization forStandardization (ISO) Safety LabelsEasily recognizable pictorials use attention-grabbing symbols to communicate safety messages across language barriers in countries with diverse cultures. ISO 3864 establishes and defines the design principles to communicate safety without words Specific shapes and colors distinguish the type of hazard Symbols communicate the specific safety messageISO labels are available in three categories distinguishable by their shape and color format:Mandatory - take action to avoid the hazard. Prohibition - forbid an action to avoid the hazard.Warning - identify the hazard to avoid.Labels are high-performance, self-adhesive vinyl (overlaminated) graphics for long wear and durability. Available in three sizesspecify when ordering.MandatoryLSGM203LSGM205LSGM207LSGM208LSGM211LSGM214LSGM216 Wear Eye Wear HearingWear HeadWear HandWear Face Shield Wear FootWear Respiratory Protection Protection Protection Protection & Eye Protection Protection ProtectionLSGM218LSGM220 LSGM222LSGM224LSGM226LSGM229 LSGM402 Wear Mask Wear ProtectiveWear Head Wear Head, HearingWear Respiratory Wear SafetyUnplug Electrical Clothing & Eye Protection & Eye Protection & Head Protection Harness SupplyLSGM404LSGM405LSGM408LSGM409 Use PedestrianConsult Technical ManualWash Hands Lockout inRoute for Proper Procedure De-Energized StateProhibitionLSGP674LSGP666LSGP631 LSGP650 LSGP641LSGP642LSGP643 No Pedestrians Not Drinking Water No Smoking Do Not RemoveDo Not ThrowDo Not Touch Do Not Touch Guard Switch Electrical Hazard SurfaceCustom ISO Safety LabelsSpecify additional internationally recognizedCATEGORY PART NO.LSGP648LSGP647LSGP649symbols for identifying and avoiding hazardsMandatory LSGM555Do Not Touch No Pacemakers No Portable mandatory, prohibition, and warning.Prohibition LSGP555Transmitters Contact us for a quote. Warning LSGW555308 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'