b'WarningLSGW103LSGW121LSGW123LSGW126LSGW125LSGW127LSGW146 General WarningTripping Hazard Slippery SurfaceLifting Hazard Step Off Hazard Lift Truck Hazard Crush HazardHazard HazardLSGW141LSGW142LSGW143LSGW144LSGW145LSGW147LSGW151 Crush Hazard Pinch Point Hazard Belt DriveChain DriveGear EntanglementCut or Sever Hazard Corrosive/ Acid Entanglement Hazard Entanglement Hazard Hazard HazardLSGW153LSGW154LSGW157LSGW170LSGW171LSGW176LSGW174 Splash Hazard Toxic Hazard Battery Hazard Electric GroundStatic SensitiveElectro MagneticStrong Magnetic Hazard Hazard Hazard Field HazardLSGW178LSGW177LSGW179LSGW180LSGW181LSGW184LSGW187 Electric VoltageVoltage DischargeRadioactive MaterialLow TemperatureExplosiveFire Hazard Heated/Hot Surface Hazard Hazard Hazard Hazard Atmosphere Hazard HazardHow to Order ISO Safety Labels:Sold in various sizes and package quantities. Select Sign Part Number: LSGW101 Size Size Code Qty. / Package Price / Package2" (~50mm) 2 10 / Pkg. $38.294" (~100mm) 4 5 / Pkg. 34.78 Add Size Code: 8"8 = LSGW1018 8" (~200mm) 8 1 / Pkg. 12.91IEC Electrical SymbolsIEC 60417* Labels are used to identify equipment or parts of equipment, indicate functional states, designate connections, provide information on packaging, or provide instruction for the operation of the equipment.1/2" diameterLSCE120 1/2" diameterLSCE124 1/2" diameterLSCE122 1/2" diameterLSCE128 1/2" diameterLSCE126 CE mark label is a relevant EuropeanProtective Conductor Neutral Conductor Protective Conductor Neutral Conductor A.C. Middle Conductor D.C.Protective Function No EarthDirective for safety and quality Vinyl labels are available in rolls of 500*For UL recognized and CSA approved labels, please contact us with your requirements for a quote.Size Price / Roll1/2" $56.681/2" diameterLSCE132 1/2" diameterLSCE130 1/2" diameterLSCE150 1/2" diameterLSCE144 1/2" diameterLSCE1461" 61.34 Protective Isolation Ground Parasitic Current Direct Current Alternating Current1/2" diameterLSCE105 1/2" diameterLSCE107 1/2" x 1/2"LSCE133 1/2" diameterLSCE134 1/2" diameterLSCE148 1/2" diameterLSCE136 1/2" diameterLSCE1521" diameterLSCE110 1" diameterLSCE112 1" x 1"LSCE139 Positive Current Direct and AlternatingNegative Current Explosion ProtectionEarth (ground) terminal Terminal of a protective European Conformity Currentearth (ground) electrode309 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'