b'IceAlert Indicator Sign & KitsAlert pedestrians and motorists that ice may be present or forming. Indicator sign is designed to reduce the risk involved with costly slips, falls, and driving accidents related to icy conditions on your property. IceAlert temperature sensitive dial sign reports the temperature by automatically changing colorUnder 36F, the dial sign turns and blue starts becoming visible by 33F; by freezing, 32F and below, the bright blue is fully shown When the temperature rises, the blue dial automatically moves back to silver Ruggedly designed 6" dial is encased in a clear-faced, plastic case with holes for wall mount or post mount with tamper-proof fasteners (included) Self-contained units do not require batteries or electronics Enhance the message by displaying dial sign with rugged 18" x 12" aluminumsign (sold separately)IceAlert Stationary Kit Includes; IceAlert Indicator (FRW975), respective 18" x 12" aluminum sign protected by Duck Armor, 6-ft. Galvanized U-channel post (HSP107), and mounting hardware (HFN211) IceAlert Mobile Kits Includes; IceAlert Indicator (FRW975), respective 18" x 12" aluminum sign protected by Duck Armor, Blockade Versatile Sign Stand w/square galvanized post (HSP820), mounting hardware (HFN211), and wheel accessory.Style No. Price / EachIceAlert Indicator Sign FRW975 $297.75Freezing Temperature Mobile Kit FRW974 567.56Freezing Temperature Stationary Kit FRW973 354.49Icy Conditions Mobile Kit FRW977 567.56Icy Conditions Stationary Kit FRW976 354.49Install near entry/exit points - along sidewalks, walkways, ramps, steps, stairways, and doorways. Set out in the parking areas, in series along driveways and roadways on posts. The temperature actuated indicator provides an immediate warning, helping to reduce the time in looking for and setting out proper signage and cones identifying the potential for slippery, hazardous ice conditions, and signals to maintenance workers when to apply de-ice or other nonslip compounds.Steel U-Channel Posts Mount signs to these rugged postsPost Mount Posts can be set in ground, concrete Signs or portable baseAdd aluminum post U-Channel posts have 3/8" holes on 1" centersmount signs toalong the lengthaccompany IceAlert 6-ft. post available in standard weightIndicator Sign. Protected(1.12-lb. per foot)by Duck Armor.Available in green and galvanized finishesPrice / Each$39.64 Item No. Price / Each18" x 12"MSTF525 18" x 12"MSTF527 Green U-Channel Post, 6-ft. (1.12 lb/ft rating) HSP106 $31.63Galvanized U-Channel Post, 6-ft. (1.12 lb/ft rating) HSP107 40.32313 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'