b'AVAILABLE Glows 10 AVAILABLEIN ANY IN ANYSHAPE HOUR SHAPEReflecta-Shield Lumi-ShieldDesigned to withstand outdoor exposure, harsh andPerform in light and dark with a nearly indestructible sign abusive environments, and impacts. thats built to take on the toughest environmentsfrom The multi-ply sign encapsulates engineer-grade reflective whiteharsh and abusive environments to impact and vandalism.or yellow sheeting behind the reverse-printed message on theSee the sign glow (green-yellow) in the dark. Energize the sign by underside of polycarbonate plastic face.any light source on the photoluminescent surface with a glow rating Key Features: of 10 hours. In regular light the sign surface appears nearly white.Accu-Shield with Engineer-Grade backing Key Features: Withstands long-term UV exposureAccu-Shield with Lumi-Glow backing Resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and abrasionsSpecially formulated front face resists long-term UV exposure Rounded corners and 1/4" mounting holes for signs up toResistance to chemical splash, corrosion, and abrasion14" x 20", and 3/8" mounting holes for larger size signsRounded corners and 1/4" mounting holes for signs up to 14" x 20", Service temperature range for polycarbonate at -60 to 260F, and 3/8" mounting holes for larger size signsreflective sheeting at -30 to 200FService temperature range for polycarbonate is -60 to 260F,Lumi-Glow sheeting is -30 to 175FQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Size No. Size No.7" x 10" AR710 7" x 10" AM7109" x 12" AR912 9" x 12" AM91210" x 14" AR1014 10" x 14" AM101412" x 18" AR1218 12" x 18" AM121814" x 20" AR1420 14" x 20" AM142018" x 24" AR1824 18" x 24" AM182420" x 28" AR2028 20" x 28" AM202824" x 36" AR2436 24" x 36" AM243636" x 48" AR3648 other size & shape AM55548" x 72" AR4872other size & shape AR555Available in white or yellow reflective sheeting33 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'