b'NEWBlue PFM409 Blue PFM407RedPFM420 RedPFM418Blue PFM410 Blue PFM411PFM420 RedPFM421 RedPFM422Blue PFM403 Blue PFM4023-Dimensional RedPFM414 RedPFM413Department SignsIdentify departments at a glance with theseBlue PFM404 Blue PFM401high profile 3D overhead hanging signs. RedPFM415 RedPFM412 Highly visible contrasting colors Eye-catching 3D designs Lightweight, durable PVC will not dent or scratch if hit Blue PFM408 Blue PFM405 Includes one 25-ft. length of jack chain andRedPFM419 RedPFM416two S-hooks for ceiling mount Choose from 11 stock options or create your own custom designCreate your custom 3-Dimensional Price / Each Department Sign. Contact us with part $400.16 Blue PFM406 number PFM455.RedPFM417NEWWarehouse Aisle MarkingQuickly identify warehouse rack locations and aisles. To order, add color code and number or letter after part number:90 Double-sided projection sign features 12" x 12" face with 1 1/2" flange Black/YellowBKYL, Red/WhiteRDWT, Black /WhiteBKWT. High contrasting bold block lettering, viewable from up to 350-ft. away Available in alpha format A thru Z or numeric 0 thru 9 Flange Style No. Price / Each Easily mounts to rack with your choice of magnetic or double-sided foam tape Magnetic PSP001 $41.24 Made of lightweight plastic Foam Tape PSP002 41.24336 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'