b'Backlit Digi-Day 3 Electronic ScoreboardsShowcase your commitment to safety with illuminated electronic scoreboards that automatically count safe-days and motivate employees to work safely. Backlit with over 50 long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs Ideal for low-light indoor areas Count days without an accident in green, or in the event of an accident, set the display to red until you meet your new safe-days goal SCF301 Track the 7-day week, or only your company\'s work days Internal clock advances counter by one automatically, every 24 hours; set to change any time of day Display days only or flash between days, date, and clock Tamper-proof operation with easy to use handheld remote control In a power failure, all information is stored*Specifications: IP65 tested for dust and water resistance 28" x 20" x 1" aluminum construction Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets Four-digit, bright LED display with 2 1/2"H numbers Operates on 110/120 VAC with 8-ft. power cord and AC adapter***Indicators notify when a hold or power failure has occurred**P ower receptacles exposed to wet environments should be plugged into a GFIPrice / Eachoutlet with waterproof protective receptacle cover. Mount these scoreboards$1096.49under protective overhang or covered area.Custom Backlit Digi-Day 3 Electronic ScoreboardsPersonalize your Backlit Digi-Day 3 Scoreboard with your specific message, symbols, company logo, corporate SCF302 SCF303 SCF304 colors, and even full-color photographic quality images at no extra cost. How to Order: Choose size and style by part numberWrite or sketch out your Digi-Day 3 idea Specify quantity Place your orderContact us for a quote.Size No.28" x 20" SCF355other SCF155SCF305 SCF306 SCF307359 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'