b'Mini Digi-Day Electronic ScoreboardsConvenient table-top size electronic scoreboard fits perfectlyin any location to automatically count safe days and displaythem to promote an accident-free workplace. Ideal for indoor office environments such as the front lobby,reception desk, and customer service areas.Specifications: For indoor use Four-digit, black LCD display with 1 1/2"H numbers Low profile design less than 1" thick Display is set with combination rear buttons Set safe work day numbers, time, and time to change Mini Digi-Day Scoreboard Replacement Battery Number advances automatically every 24 hours Lithium battery and clear polycarbonate stands are included Size Price / Each No. Price / Each14" x 10" $134.95 HPB118 $10.73 Keyholes on back for wall mountingww.acuform.com reorder# SCL210 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL214 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL22 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL2014" x 10" SCL210 14" x 10" SCL214 14" x 10" SCL222 14" x 10" SCL220 14" x 10" SCL226THIS PLANTHAS WORKEDww.acuform.com reorder# SCL20 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL212 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL24ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL202 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL24014" x 10" SCL200 14" x 10" SCL212 14" x 10" SCL224 14" x 10" SCL206 14" x 10" SCL240Custom Mini Digi-Day Electronic ScoreboardsMake it personal with your own image and message. Have a specific company and department name. Add graphics, symbols, and logos. Scoreboard is available as a stand-up or wall-mount version.ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL234 ww.a.acufoform.com reorder# S SCL236 How to Order:14" x 10" SCL234 14" x 10" SCL236 Choose size and style by part numberWrite or sketch out your Digi-Day idea Specify quantity Place your order Contact us for a quote.Size No.14" x 10" SCL255Other SCL555ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL238 ww.acuform.com reorder# SCL216 *Price is based on one four-digit display. For additional14" x 10" SCL238 14" x 10" SCL216 requirements, please contact us for a quote.360 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'