b'Choose the Right Stock MaterialSelect a material based on your application requirements to ensure your message is conveyed clearly and effectively.PF-CardstockPulp-free tags have no wood pulp or paper content, unlike standard3/8" Holecardstock tags, and are available at an economical price.Material Features Thin, pliable 10-mil poly-based tags will not crack, distort, or shrink Waterproof and tear-resistant from incidental pulls and snagsCan be printed on both sides Scuff-resistant matte surface is easy to write on with pen or marker 10-mil Printed3/8" plain hole Pulp-FreeMessageCardstockApplications Indoor and short-term outdoor usageRP-Plastic 3/8" Metal Grommet High-strength rigid plastic tag is ideal for use in industrial environmentsresists chemicals, tears, and abrasions.Material Features 14-mil thick flexible plastic tagMatte surface is easy to write on with pen or marker, resists scuffs and marring14-mil Printed Can be printed on both sides Plastic MessageDurable 3/8" metal grommets prevents tearing ApplicationsIndoor and temporary outdoor usage Chemical and dirty/greasy environmentsHS-Laminate Printed 3/8" Metal GrommetMessageNearly indestructible tag is made to withstand tough, abusive conditions.Material Features Printed cardstock tag hard-sealed by a thick, laminate on both sides, totaling 24-mil thickness to protect the printed imageTear-proof, weatherproof, and chemical-resistantDurable to withstand dirt, grease, liquid splashes, and rough handlingScratch-resistant matte-finish laminate surface is easy to 10-mil 7-milwrite on with pen, marker, or grease pencil PF-Cardstock Laminate Tag Both Sides Durable 3/8" metal grommets prevents tearing ApplicationsIndoor and outdoor usage - when the most durable tags are required Chemical applications and tough industrial settingsThroughout this section, we offer tags in other materials related to the specific application and purpose. Please look for these other tag materials where applicable.381 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'