b'Inspection & Status Record TagsSee the last recorded inspection and status of equipment at a glance. Multiple line spaces to record activities on machinery and equipment Mark the changed status of equipment needing attention and action required Record information on location Perform audits more efficiently by collecting data right on the equipmentTRS305 Back Back BackFront Front FrontTRS345 TRS303 TRS245Back Back Back Back BackFront Front Front Front FrontTRS241 TRS307 TRS249 TRS248 TRS244Back Back Back Back BackFront Front Front Front FrontTRS243 TRS247 TRS246 TRS242 TRS315Back Back Back Back BackFront Front Front Front FrontTRS317 MGT219 MGT217 MGT204 MGT205COMMISSIONING TAGCOMPANY NAME______________________ PROJECT__________________PROJECT__________________ COMPANY NAME:____________________THIS TAG MUST NOT BE REMOVED UNTIL ____________________________________________________FOR SAFE OPERALVED IS CLEAREDTION COMMISSIONING Mechanical Checks Name ID No._____________________ THE EQUIPMENT INVOLVED IS CLEAREDTHE EQUIPMENT INVO THIS TAG MUST NOT BE REMOVED UNTILCOMMISSIONING CheckDate Date Placed________________ COMMISSIONING FOR SAFE OPERATIONC1 COMMISSIONINGDO NOT OPERATE IN C0 Placed By__________________ DO NOT OPERATEC2 Electrical Checks DO NOTPROGRESS Has a Risk Assessment been CheckDate Name OPERATEcompleted for C2 ChecksC0Additional Information_______________ C1 PERMIT NO.__________________________________________________________ C2 EQUIP/PLANT_______________________PERMIT NO__________________________ __________________________________EQUIP/PLANT________________________ __________________________________ NAME_____________________________Has a Risk Assessment been__________________________________NAME______________________________ * SEE OTHER SIDE __________________________________ DEPARTMENT_______________________completed for C2 ChecksDEPARTMENT________________________ __________________________________ DATE____________TIME___________ AMAM __________________________________ PMDATE___________TIME______________ PM __________________________________ * SEE OTHER SIDEBack Back Back Back BackFront Front Front Front FrontMDT404 MDT402 MDT403 TAB109 TAB501386 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'