b'Stock Pipe MarkersMark\x07contents\x07and\x07flow\x07direction\x07in\x07pipes\x07and\x07piping\x07systems with ready-to-go stock pipe markers.A long list of chemicals and standard marking applications are offered in the stock selection. Pipe markers are available in various size ranges and materials, meeting the needs of varied applications in the industry.The visible colors and bold lettering on the pipe makers are designed to meet or exceed ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 recommendations for size, color, and visibility.LEGEND NO. LEGEND NO. LEGEND NO. LEGEND NO.RPK101 RPK171 RPK235 RPK303RPK103 RPK173 RPK236 RPK305RPK105 RPK175 RPK237 RPK307RPK107 RPK177 RPK239 RPK308RPK109 RPK179 RPK241 RPK309RPK111 RPK181 RPK243 RPK310RPK113 RPK183 RPK245 RPK311RPK115 RPK185 RPK247 RPK313RPK117 RPK187 RPK249 RPK315RPK119 RPK189 RPK251 RPK317RPK121 RPK191 RPK253 RPK319RPK123 RPK193 RPK257 RPK321RPK125 RPK195 RPK258 RPK323RPK127 RPK197 RPK259 RPK324RPK129 RPK199 RPK261 RPK325RPK131 RPK201 RPK263 RPK326RPK133 RPK203 RPK265 RPK327RPK135 RPK205 RPK267 RPK329RPK137 RPK207 RPK269 RPK331RPK139 RPK209 RPK271 RPK333RPK141 RPK211 RPK273 RPK335RPK142 RPK213 RPK275 RPK337RPK143 RPK215 RPK277 RPK339RPK145 RPK216 RPK279 RPK341RPK147 RPK217 RPK281 RPK343RPK149 RPK219 RPK283 RPK345RPK151 RPK221 RPK285 RPK347RPK153 RPK223 RPK287 RPK349RPK157 RPK225 RPK289 RPK351RPK159 RPK226 RPK291 RPK353RPK161 RPK227 RPK293 RPK357RPK163 RPK229 RPK295 RPK359RPK165 RPK231 RPK297 RPK361RPK167 RPK233 RPK299 RPK363RPK169 RPK234 RPK301 RPK365424 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'