b'IIAR Ammonia Pipe MarkersIdentify ammonia refrigeration piping and system components.Meet the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) guidelines for proper marking of pipes as specified in Bulletin No. 114, March 2014. IIAR pipe markers contain the ammonia name and identify the chemicals system, physical state, pressure level, and directional flow. These pipe markers are to be placed at various locations throughout the refrigeration piping system. International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR). The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform guidelines for identifying piping in a closed circuit ammonia refrigeration system. Uniform guidelines for identifying ammonia refrigeration piping and system components will promote safety, facilitate maintenance, and provide vital information to emergency service personnel.System Abbreviation The ammonia system type with an 1abbreviation code (as shown in the table).2 3Physical State Pressure LevelThe physical state of the ammonia using The pressure level of the flow by a single word.an abbreviation.LIQ - Liquid (black letters on yellow background) LOW - 70 psig or less (black letters on green backgroundVAP - Vapor (black letters on blue background) HIGH - more than 70 psig (black letters on red background)System Abbreviation KeySYSTEM ABBREVIATION SYSTEM ABBREVIATION SYSTEM ABBREVIATIONBooster Discharge.BD High Temperature Recirculated Liquid HTRL Low Temperature Recirculated Liquid . LTRLCondenser Drain CD High Temperature Recirculated Suction .HTRS Low Temperature Recirculated Suction LTRSDefrost Condensate DC High Temperature Suction HTS Low Temperature Suction . LTSEconomizer Suction ES Hot Gas HG Relief Vent.RVHigh Pressure Liquid HPL Hot Gas Defrost .HGD Thermosyphon Return .TSRHigh Stage Discharge .HSD Liquid Injection Cooling .LIC Thermosyphon Supply TSSHigh Stage Suction .HSS Low Stage Suction .LSSIIARIIAR Component MarkersReferenceMark the name of equipment used in ammonia refrigeration system. Comply with IIAR 4.2 guidelinesChartMarkers stand out with component name in contrasting black letters on orangeDisplay the Pressure level on the right portion: HIGH for more than 70 psig (Black/Red),reference chart toLOW for 70 psig or less (Black/Green)identify and explain Thick 4"x 24" high-performance vinyl with protective laminate surfacethe makeup of theand adhesive backAmmonia Pipe Service temperature range: Marker. -20 to 176FPlace the chart in areas that arePrice / Each(Black letters on Yellow Background) conspicuous to$10.93 LEGENDPRESSURE LEVELNO.(White letters on Blue Background) operating personnelACCUMULATORLOWRAC730(IIAR 7.0) COMPRESSORHIGHRAC731(Black letters on Orange Background)Laminated plastic CONDENSERHIGHRAC732EVAPORATORLOWRAC733HEAT EXCHANGERLOWRAC734For a Custom ComponentINTERCOOLERLOWRAC735Price / Each Marker, order RAC555, nameRECEIVERHIGHRAC736T $37.71 your legend component,RECIRCULATORLOWRAC737specify pressure level, andTHERMOSYPHONHIGHRAC73824" x 18"RAT124 provide the quantity. We willRECEIVERcontact you with a quote. TRANSFER VESSELHIGHRAC739OIL SEPARATORHIGHRAC740430 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'