b'PadlocksPadlocks provide added insurance to the lockout situation.Keyed Differently (KD) Keyed Differently, Master Keyed (KDMK)Each padlock is keyed Each padlock is keyed differently, and hasdifferently, and has two keystwo keys (unless noted) which are unique(unless noted) which areto open only that padlock. Master keys unique to open only that lock. are available separately to open all thepadlocks in the group.Keyed Alike (KA) Keyed Alike, Master Keyed (KAMK)Identical keys are usedA set of padlocks is keyed alike, each in the group of padlocks.with two keys (unless noted) which Each padlock has two keysopens all padlocks in that set. Additional (unless noted) which opensets are keyed alike separately from all the locks in the group. the first set. Master keys are available separately to all padlocks in all the sets.Keyed Alike padlocks are non-returnable.Laminated Steel PadlocksDurable security device features hardened steel shackles and laminated steel construction to provide strength, durability, and extreme weather resistance. Heavy-duty lock utilizes special coating for corrosion resistance 5-pin tumbler, drilling and pulling protected Available each in eight different rubber bumper colors Shackle diameter: 17/64" Shackle distance apart: 23/32"Dont forget to purchase your Master Key if you are purchasing a Master Keyed lockShackleKeyed Differently Keyed Alike Keyed Differently Keyed AlikeClearanceMaster Keyed* Master Keyed*Height No. Price / Each No. Price / Each No. Price / Each No. Price / Each To order, add color code after part Body Height = 1 1/2"Body Width = 1 1/2" number. RedRD, GreenGN, 3/4" KDL905 $14.22 KDL916 14.22 KDL943 20.70 KDL966 22.05 YellowYL, WhiteWT, BlackBK, BlueBU, OrangeOR, 1 1/2" KDL906 16.53 KDL917 16.53 KDL944 23.09 KDL967 24.40 PurplePR2" KDL907 18.88 KDL918 18.88 KDL945 24.67 KDL968 26.02*Master Key (sold separately) KDL939 11.32463 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'