b'Lockout Energy Source Isolation PlacardsDocument and show visual procedures to control, isolate, and lock out energy sources as required by OSHA. Present information in a standardized, easy-to-follow format. Placards are customizable with a combination of high-resolution, full-color photo images and detailed instructions ideal for placing on or near the equipment.Lockout/Tagout Procedure ID Number and Equipment NameFacility Name, Location, Number of lockout points andEquipment Numberdevices requiredRequired lockoutdevices identifiedEnergy source imageswith Hazardous EnergySource symbol tagStep-by-steplockout instructionsHazardous Energy Source symbols definedIdentification (ID) and name of energyDescribe lockout, method source, lockout device, and location for de-energizing, and check for attempt to energizeGraphical Representation Developing Your PlacardPlacard displays clear, visual images of energyLet us help you create and develop effective Lockout sources, along with easy-to-follow written lockoutEnergy Source Isolation Placards for equipment and procedures, ideal when the equipment operates withmachinery throughout your facility. multiple energy sources requiring lockout isolation. Contact us and reference part number KPL555. Specific and Prominent Choose from a variety of materialsfrom adhesive Each piece of equipment should have a placardto magnetic, to virtually indestructible, outlining its specific lockout procedure. PlaceAccu-Shield. Size should allow for maximum placards on or near equipment to alert thatlegibility of the instructions and images. Be prepared proper lockout procedures must take place duringto provide specific Lockout/Tagout information maintenance or shutdown. Use to guide those use points in the above sample as guides. We involved in proper lockout procedures - avoidingcan assist you with specific details. Once we have mistakes and reducing the potential risk your information, we can develop your placard and of accidents and injury. provide a proof and quote.Incorporate your placard into a custom lockout Store-Board to ensure all devices are at your fingertips. See page 472 for details.OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 (c) (4) (i) Procedures shall be developed, documented and utilized for the control of potentially hazardous energy(ii) (A) A specific statement of the intended use of the procedure; (B) Specific procedural steps for shutting down, isolating, blocking and securing machines or equipment to control hazardous energy; (C) Specific procedural steps for the placement, removal and transfer of lockout devices or tagout devices and the responsibility for them; and (D) Specific requirements for testing a machine or equipment to determine and verify the effectiveness of lockout devices, tagout devices, and other energy control measures.478 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'