b'Manhole Cover SignsPrevent unauthorized entry and remind workers to follow confined space procedures.Install sign on the manhole cover to identify it as an OSHA confined space Danger signs are visible at all times to identify confined space below Attention-getting, stop sign-style octagonal image is 17" diameter; features bold color and confined space warning message Available in two materials:-Adhesive SignFlexible; overlaminated with clear, protective, pebble-textured surface for added durability.Edge Sealer improves adhesion (sold separately)-Rigid SignAcrylic plastic is durable to withstand impacts, scratches, and heavy traffic. Four 3/8" drilledholes for bolt mount. 2-Part Epoxy improves adhesion (sold separately) Manhole Cover Signs are available in custom legends. Please contact us for details and referAdhesiveCMH202 AdhesiveCMH204 AdhesiveCMH206 to part number for a quote.RigidCMH707 RigidCMH709 RigidCMH711Item Adhesive Sign No. Rigid Sign No.Item Price / Each Item No. Price / Each 17" dia CMH245 CMH745Adhesive Sign $43.61 Edge Sealer5-oz tube MB144 $35.41 Other size CMH255 CMH755Rigid Sign 66.64 2-Part Epoxy22-oz kit HFN606 65.01Manhole GuardEnhance the safety of an open manhole. With Hose GuideDurable, rugged plastic cylinder inserts directly into the open manhole. The wide outer ring with 6" rise prevents items from falling directly down and minimizes the risk of slips and falls when passing by open hole. Fits round manholes and storm drain openings from 20"-24" Bright orange color provides high visibility Molded-in grab handles allow for easy liftingAccessories With LidHose Guide - Attach to Manhole Guard to keep hoses, cords, and other linesin place and tangle-free.Lid - Temporarily covers the manhole opening without removing the Manhole Guard.Item No. Price / EachManhole Guard CHW201 $460.06Hose Guide CHW207 179.37Lid CHW209 212.85Manhole Guard Rail Manhole Lid LifterSurround and protect an open manhole. Lift and move manhole covers quickly and easily. 42" high guard rail stands in a 33" x 33" areaOne-piece cadmium- Strong, 1" tubular .078" gauge steel construction is safety plated steel lifter has yellow for high visibility necessary leverageRail locks open; two hooking chains for protected entry and exit to lift the heaviestCollapses to 44" square x 4" for easy portability and storage manhole covers Hang hazard warning signs on the rail with Snap Rubber grips on theHook Loop (sold separately) handle and footprevent slipsItem No. Price / Each42" overall lengthManhole Guard Rail CHW303 $419.68No. Price / EachItem No. Price / Each CHW421 $330.79Snap Hook Loop, 1 1/2" x 2 13/16" HTL175 $0.71Complies with OSHA 1910.146(c)(5)(II)(B). When entrance covers are removed, the opening shall be promptly guarded by a railing, temporary cover, or other temporary barrier that will prevent an accidental fall through the opening and that will protect each employee working in the space from foreign objects entering the space. 493 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'