b'Confined Space Ladder Shield Top ViewIdentify confined spaces at the access point.Attach to fixed ladders on tanks, vessels, dike walls, and other confined spaces where a ladder is required for access. Made of durable, rust-proof aluminum, and fits most ladders. Easy to use: Confined Space Ladder ShieldHang the 2 13/16"D U-shaped topKit includes:over an upper level ladder step;1Confined Space Ladder Shield 42"H x 13 1/4"W shield face blocks1Twist n Lock Cinch Lockoutaccess to the steps below 1Padlock with key Run the cable-hasp lockout throughthe pre-punched holes in the ConfinedItem No. Price / EachSpace Ladder Shield, and aroundLadder Shield Kit KLB450 $134.95the ladder stepsReplacement Padlock KDL816RD 19.62 Pull cable tight Secure the cable-hasp lockout Item No. Price / Eachwith padlock Replacement CinchKDD640 $34.70Lockout Custom Ladder Shield Available in custom legends. Please contact us for a quote, and refer to part number29 CFR Subpart X 1926.1053(b)(8)a KLB455 for a kit and KLB355 forbarricade shall be used to keep the activities Ladder Shield only. or traffic away from the ladder.Tags available separately Back ViewKLB760 KLB764 KLB766 KLB762Confined Space Ladder Shield WrapsStop unauthorized access onto ladders leading into confined spaces. Back Install over fixed ladders attached to the outside of a confined space Durable, flexible reinforced vinyl with metal grommets at the ends Large, bold safety messages with graphic Overall measurement is 87"H x 13"W Finished in-place look measurement is 42" x 13"Ladder Shield Wrap Kit includes: Custom Ladder Shield Wraps1Ladder Shield Wrap Item Price / Kit Available in custom legends. Please contact us for a quote, and refer to part number KLB755 for a kit and KLB655 for wrap only.1Padlock with key Ladder Shield Wrap Kit $81.27494 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'