b'GHS Pictogram LabelsPictogram labels comply with the Globally Harmonized System.GHS pictograms identify the hazards associated with chemicals and warn users of the types of precautionsthat should be taken to minimize adverse effects thatcould result from exposure.The GHS recognizes nine hazard pictograms. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires eight of these pictograms with the exception of the environment pictogram (considered non-mandatory since environmental hazards fall outside OSHAs jurisdiction).Identify hazards associated with chemicals. GHS prescribed pictograms Adhesive Coated Paper or Adhesive-Poly Sheet Rolls of 250 or 500C.2.3.1 Pictograms shall be in the shape of a square set at a point1. Location of GHS information on the label and shall include a black hazard symbol on a white backgroundThe GHS hazard pictograms, signal word and hazard statements should with a red frame sufficiently wide to be clearly visible. A squarebe located together on the label. The Competent authority may choose to red frame set at a point without a hazard symbol is not aprovide a specified layout for the presentation of these and for the pictogram and is not permitted on the label. presentation of precautionary information, or allow supplier discretion.Flame Flame Over Circle Exploding Bomb Corrosion Gas Cylinder1" x 1"LZH601 1" x 1"LZH602 1" x 1"LZH603 1" x 1"LZH604 1" x 1"LZH6052" x 2"LZH611 2" x 2"LZH612 2" x 2"LZH613 2" x 2"LZH614 2" x 2"LZH6154" x 4"LZH621 4" x 4"LZH622 4" x 4"LZH623 4" x 4"LZH624 4" x 4"LZH625Custom sizes and materials are available. Contact us Non-mandatory with part number LZH655 Skull & Crossbones Exclamation Mark Environment Health Hazard for a quote.1" x 1"LZH606 1" x 1"LZH607 1" x 1"LZH608 1" x 1"LZH6092" x 2"LZH616 2" x 2"LZH617 2" x 2"LZH618 2" x 2"LZH6194" x 4"LZH626 4" x 4"LZH627 4" x 4"LZH628 4" x 4"LZH629How to Order Pictogram Labels: Select Label Part Number: LZH601Add Material and Package Quantity Code: Adhesive-Poly (500/Roll)EV5 = LZH601EV5Adhesive Coated Paper 1" x 1" 2" x 2" 4" x 4" Adhesive-Poly 1" x 1" 2" x 2" 4" x 4"Qty. Code Price / Roll Price / Roll Price / Roll Qty. Code Price / Roll Price / Roll Price / Roll250 PS2 $20.84 24.62 33.07 250 EV2 32.30 38.17 52.36500 PS5 33.35 39.56 53.98 500 EV5 51.67 61.34 83.84504 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'