b'Right-To-Know and Right-To-Understand Compliance CentersGive workers immediate access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) stored in one convenient aluminum center.Large, printed Center Boards identify the location of Right-To-Know and Right-To-Understand information and make binders storing SDS documentsTMaccessible to employees. Hang the Center Boards near chemical storage areas or other central locations in the workplace. Boards have holes for wall mounting.NFPA Basket-Style Aluminum CentersProvide quick reference to the NFPA hazard classification codes along with storage for SDS. Aluminum board measures 18"H x 24"W Coated wire basket holds single 1 1/2" binder Corner mounting holes Kit includes 1 1/2" SDS binderKitZRS347 KitZRS300Board Kit Board Only Board Kit Board OnlyNFPA Basket Style No. Price / Kit No. Price / Each NFPA Basket Style No. Price / Kit No. Price / EachRight-To-Know Right-To-UnderstandEnglish ZRS347 $175.79 ZRS348161.75 English ZRS300 $175.79 ZRS301161.75Spanish SHZRS347 175.79 SHZRS348 161.75 Spanish SHZRS300 175.79 SHZRS301 161.75Basket-StyleAluminum CentersKeep Safety Data Sheets readily available to all employees andprotect your workforce. Thick aluminum board, with coated wirebasket (ZRS102) Single Basket-style has 20" x 15" board Double Basket-style has 24" x 30" board Kit includes 1 1/2" SDS binder(s)Boards and Binders are available in English KitZRS335 KitZRS309and Bilingual versions. Single boards include (1) 1 1/2" SDS binder, and double boards include (2) 1 1/2" binders.Board Kit Board OnlyBasket Style No. Price / Kit No. Price / EachRight-to-KnowSingle Basket, English ZRS326 $118.75 ZRS313 98.42Single Basket, Bilingual SBZRS326 118.75 SBZRS313 98.42Double Basket, English ZRS335 250.51 ZRS316 211.20Double Basket, Bilingual SBZRS335 250.51 SBZRS316 211.20Right-to-UnderstandSingle Basket, English ZRS302 118.75 ZRS304 98.42Single Basket, Bilingual SBZRS302 118.75 SBZRS304 98.42Double Basket, English ZRS309 250.51 ZRS311 211.20Double Basket, Bilingual SBZRS309 250.51 SBZRS311 211.50KitSBZRS326 KitSBZRS302Custom Basket-Style Center BoardBasket-Style Center Boards are available with your message and symbol or logo. To request a quote, refer to part number ZRS355 and specify center board size, number of baskets on the board, message, design, color(s), and quantity.506 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'