b'HMCIS PostersCritical hazardous materials classification information is available at a glance.Our posters help define the Hazardous Material Classification Identification System (HMCIS) clearly and concisely for employees and contractors. These colorful and highly-visible reference posters are available in an encapsulated laminate bond.English18" x 24"HTP10420" x 32"HTP106English24" x 18"HTP196Spanish 32" x 20"HTP20318" x 24"SHHTP104 Spanish24" x 18"SHHTP196Hazardous Materials 20" x 32"SHHTP106 Hazardous Material 32" x 20"SHHTP203Identification Index Poster Identification Guide PosterQuickly cross-reference hazard index codes with the required personal protective equipment with this informative poster. Display the essential hazardous materials information with hazardEasy-to-read legend type and a detailed explanation of the hazard rating index. Pictorials indicate which personal protective Pictorials indicate which personal protective equipment is necessary for a specific code Size Price / Each equipment is necessary for a specific codeSize Price / Each Plastic laminated posters are available1 " x 222"" $37.71Plastic laminated posters are available 177" x 2 $37.71in two sizes 2 " x 2828"" 47.16 in two sizes222" x47.16Right-To-Know: HazardousChemicals Rating ChartChart lists approximately 325 of the most commonly used chemicals, along with their respective standard NFPA hazard ratings. Lists chemical name, its CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) number with the standard NFPA hazard ratings for Health, Flammability, Instability, and Specific Hazard symbols 22" x 28" flexible plastic laminated poster includes visuals for NFPA & HMCIS formatsNo. Price / EachZTP137 $47.16511 signkore.com | 780.406.1888'