b'Workplace Labeling Under the Revised Hazard Communication StandardUnder the revised rule, OSHA has retained the provision that provides employers with the flexibility to choose the type of system to be used in their workplace. OSHAs website explains workplacelabeling as follows:Employers may choose to label workplace containers either with the same label that would be on shipped containers for the chemical under the revised rule, or with label alternatives that meet the requirements for the standard. Alternative labeling systems such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 Hazard Rating and the Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS) are permitted for workplace containers. However, the information supplied on these labels must be consistent with the revised HCS, e.g., no conflicting hazard warnings or pictograms.NFPA and HMCISThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Diamond System and Hazardous Materials Classification Information System (HMCIS) are recognizable and acceptable formats for identifying chemical hazards.The uniform bold, bright color-coding schemes and numerical ratings convey the chemical hazards. The number system is from the Safety Data Sheets. These simple, recognizable, and easy-to-understand design formats provide rapid and basic information for proper hazardous chemicals handling.The NFPA The HMCISCHEMICAL NAME AND NUMBER: Diamond SystemFormatDeveloped for emergencyDerived from the system and response situations program of the National Paint Consists of four color-coded& Coating Associationdiamond quadrants with Consists of four color bar segments numbers and symbols with number and letter codes in aColors specify certain hazardstacked formatcategories: blue for health; red for Has upper white bar for theflammability; yellow for instability;chemical identification nameand white for specific hazards*Lower white bar is for letter code* NFPA recognized symbols arethat specifies proper personal SA in white. Other non-NFPA symbolsprotective equipmentSimple Asphyxiant appear in gray. The use of non-standard symbols or text may Note: Non-standard symbols in gray. be permitted, required, or disallowed by the authority having jurisdiction(e.g., fire department).704 A.8.1.1Only 2 special hazard symbols (OX and W) are recognized and required by NFPA 704, and SA is an optional symbol inside the NFPA hazard quadrant. Outside NFPA 704, limited, special situations might exist in which individual circumstances dictate use of a unique hazard symbol. NFPA and HMCIS LegendThe rating numbers in the color quadrants signify the degree of severity as follows: 0 = Minimal; 1 = Slight; 2 = Moderate; 3 = Serious; 4 = ExtremeThe background colors specify certain hazard categories: Blue = Health;Red = Flammability; Yellow = Instability; White = Special Hazards (NFPA) orPersonal Protective Equipment (HMCIS)513 signkore.com | 780.406.1888'