b'Custom Hazard Communication Notification SignsNFPA and HMCIS are the recognized and accepted, multi-color formats for identifying your hazardous chemicals and materials.How to Build Your Hazard Communication Notification Sign Choose Your Format NFPA- and HMCIS-style customizable templates are available. Choose which works best for your specification needs. Provide us your requirements if you want to modify any information. Fill in the Blanks Using Guide BelowProvide us all the necessary information relating to your hazardous chemical. 1 Chemical Name 10 Target Organ2 CAS No. 11 Effect on Target Organ3 UN No. 12 First Aid Procedures4 D.O.T. Classification 13 Precautions5 Health Level 14 Emergency Response6 Flammability Level 15 Emergency Contact # (Fire)7 Instability Level 16 Emergency Contact # (Security)8 Specific Hazard 17 Emergency Contact # (Medical)9 Required Personal18 Signal WordProtective Equipment 19 Statement of Hazard Decide on the Sign SizeStandard sizes are listed with each of the formats by part number. If you need a different size, provide us with your sign dimension requirements. Determine the Sign MaterialSee Page 516Ask yourself where you will place your sign, how long it will be used, and what kind of elements it will need to withstand. We offer materials for light-duty applications and for harsh environments. Complete Your OrderSee How to Order Page 516Note: You are required to provide all necessary information specific to your hazardous chemical or material to complete an accurate and safe label for your premises. Please refer to the chemicals Safety Data Sheet. Example RTK Format Example NFPA Format 2Example HMCIS Format 1 Example HMCIS Format 2Example NFPA Format 1514 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'