b'Blank NFPA Placards& Self-Adhesive Hazard PanelsDesigned for on-the-spot classification of potentially hazardous chemicals, our BlankNFPA Placards offer ease of installation and the convenience of personal customization. Blank Placards are printed with the proper color coding using UV stable inks Write in the numbers and symbols on the placard or use pre-printed number and symbol hazard panels 2-mil clear, self-adhesive polypropylene hazard panels Numbers and symbol hazard panels are available individually or in a placard KitPlacard Kit shownKit includes: one blank placard, 15 numbers (three sets of 0-4), seven hazard symbols, and NFPA Wallet GuideHazard PanelsUse No Water Oxidizer Simple Asphyxiant Radiation Hazard Corrosive AcidAlkaliWTR OXY SA RAD COR ACD ALKNFPA Blank Placards & Placard Kits Individual Hazard Panels*NFPA placards are available blank or as part of a kit that also includes 15 numbers*To order, add symbol or number code to the part number. (three sets of 0-4), seven Specific-Hazard symbols, and NFPA Wallet Guide. Dura-PlasticExample: NAP120SA (1" symbol, Simple Asphyxiant)and Aluminum are protected by Duck Armor.Material Blank Placards Kits Character HeightCharacter Style No. Price / EachNo. Price / Each No. Price / Kit Character for use with 4" placard4" x 4" Placard 1.33" Number NAP111* $1.60Adhesive Vinyl MBLEV4 $3.49 ZFD404EV 22.76 .50" Symbol NAP120* 1.60Dura-Vinyl ZFD400XV 4.00 ZFD404XV 23.15 Character for use with 6" placard6" x 6" Placard 2.29" Number NAP131* 1.79Adhesive Vinyl MBLEV6 8.12 ZFD606EV 35.42 .70" Symbol NAP140* 1.79Dura-Vinyl ZFD600XV 9.67 ZFD606XV 36.55 Character for use with 10" placardMagnetic Vinyl ZFD600MG 10.31 ZFD606MG 31.07 3.87" Number NAP151* 2.09Dura-Plastic ZFD600XT 10.19 ZFD606XT 24.65 1.39" Symbol NAP160* 2.0910" x 10" Placard Character for use with 15" placardAdhesive Vinyl MBLEV10 16.82 ZFD101EV 50.32 5.78" Number NAP171* 4.07Dura-Vinyl ZFD100XV 19.34 ZFD101XV 52.36 2.13" Symbol NAP180* 4.07Magnetic Vinyl MBLMG10 28.30 ZFD101MG 47.54 Character for use with 24" placardDura-Plastic ZFD100XT 35.74 ZFD101XT 53.51 9.74" Number NAP191* 8.24Aluminum ZFD100PA 29.63 ZFD101PA 51.86 3.65" Symbol NAP200* 8.2415" x 15" Placard Character for use with 30" placardAdhesive Vinyl MBLEV15 29.72 ZFD515EV 78.62 12.05" Number NAP211* 10.63Dura-Vinyl ZFD151XV 34.85 ZFD515XV 82.03 4.37" Symbol NAP220* 10.63Magnetic Vinyl MBLMG15 52.92 ZFD515MG 80.41Dura-Plastic ZFD151XT 66.64 ZFD515XT 89.51Aluminum ZFD151PA 56.41 ZFD515PA 83.65 NFPA Placard Floor Kits24" x 24" Placard Adhere NFPA placard to the floor Adhesive Vinyl ZFD242EV 44.30 ZFD275EV 137.38 to emphasize the presence of Dura-Vinyl ZFD242XV 52.21 ZFD275XV 142.61 hazardous materials.Dura Plastic ZFD242XT 98.11 ZFD275XT 149.75Pressure-sensitive vinyl placardAluminum ZFD242PA 83.14 ZFD275PA 141.58Hazard Panels: Black on clear,30" x 30" Placard self-adhesive polyesterAdhesive Vinyl ZFD430EV 55.55 ZFD465EV 190.94Clear vinyl overlaminate cover with non-slip surface to protectDura-Vinyl ZFD430XV 61.97 ZFD465XV 195.14 in high-traffic and harsh environmentsDura-Plastic ZFD430XT 145.19 ZFD465XT 217.87Apply to smooth, clean, dry surfaceAluminum ZFD430PA 122.80 ZFD465PA 201.52Kit includes: one blank placard, 15 numbers (three sets of 0-4),seven hazard symbols, overlaminate sheet (10" with 6" Placard, 17" with 10" Placard) and NFPA Wallet GuideCustom Blank NFPA Placards & Panels Placard Size Overlaminate Size Character Height No. Price / KitCustom sizes and materials are available. Contact us with part number ZFD555 for a quote. 6" x 6"10"1 5/8"MNFPAFS10$43.9110" x 10"17"4" MNFPAFS17 61.83517 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'