b'NFPA Placard SignsPlacard Signs display the four-color NFPA diamond format for the hazard categories. Blank signs are available, allowing you to fill in hazard rating numbers and symbols. Kit contains sign and adhesive numbers and symbols - printed black on clear polyester to fit the hazard panels.Sign Only Sign Kit Sign Only Sign Kit Sign Only Sign Kit Sign Only Sign Kit10" x 7"ZFD870 10" x 7"ZFD881 10" x 7"SBZFD870 10" x 7"SBZFD881 10" x 7"ZFD806 10" x 7"ZFD814 10" x 7"ZFD801 10" x 7"ZFD81214" x 10"ZFD878 14" x 10"ZFD889 14" x 10" SBZFD878 14" x 10" SBZFD889 14" x 10"ZFD807 14" x 10"ZFD837 14" x 10"ZFD802 14" x 10"ZFD816NFPA HazardousNFPA HazardousNFPA NoticeNFPA Notice MaterialsMaterialsChemical Hazard Hazard RatingClassification Classification -The hazard ratings for the fourHazard ratings are identified diamonds are identified andin bold characters below the The hazard ratings for the fourBilingual Spanish defined, plus space to fill in thediamond.diamonds are identified and defined. The hazard ratings for the fourchemical name.diamonds are identified and defined in English and Spanish.Each kit includes: One Sign 15 Numbers (three sets of 0 - 4) SIGN SIZE DIAMOND SIZE CHAR. SIZE Specific hazard symbols 10" x 7" 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" 1.25"(OX, W, SA, ACID, COR, ALK and the Radiation symbol) 14" x 10" 4" x 4" 1.5" NFPA Wallet GuideHow to Order Signs:Adhesive VinylVS PlasticVP AluminumVA * Dura-FiberglassXF *Item Size Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Each Pkg. of 10 Simple AsphyxiantSA Select Sign Part Number: Sign Only 7" x 10" $11.21 112.10 12.23 122.30 17.84 178.40 21.47 214.70Note: Non-standard symbols in gray. 14" x 10"ZFD878Sign Only 10" x 14" 12.46 168.20 18.26 182.60 29.63 296.30 35.74 357.40 For Each, Add Material Code: Sign Kit Only 7" x 10" 30.1931.2237.2140.45 PlasticVP= ZFD878VPSign Kit Only 10" x 14" 38.5940.0451.8257.51 * VA and XF signs are protected by Duck Armorsee inside front coverBlank NFPA Placard Kits Each kit includes: One Printed Vinyl Placard mounted on galvanized steelwith Magnetic Hazard Panels15 Magnetic Number Hazard Panels, three sets of 0-4Placard system with interchangeable magnetic(Black on red, yellow, and blue backgrounds)numbers and symbolsSeven Symbol Hazard PanelsNFPA Wallet Guide Available in two placard sizes: Placard Size No. Price / Kit10" x 10" with 4"H Numbers and Symbols or 10" x 10" MSYMGV10 $158.6615" x 15" with 6"H Numbers and Symbols15" x 15" MSYMGV15241.21518 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'