b'NFPA Diamond NFPA Roll Label ClassificationConsists of four quadrants inDiamond Roll the NFPA format and colors Label Fill in each diamond with hazard code and symbolA quick way to reference (in the white diamond) 2" x 2"LZN631 the codes4" x 4"LZN6336" x 6"LZN635NFPA diamond format and colors surrounded by their respective2" x 2"LZN643hazard codes and list of symbols4" x 4"LZN644How to Order NFPA Labels: (for the white diamonds) 6" x 6"LZN646Adhesive Coated Paper 2" x 2" 4" x 4" 6" x 6" Adhesive-Poly 2" x 2" 4" x 4" 6" x 6" Select Label Part Number: LZN633 Qty. Code Price / Roll Price / Roll Price / Roll Qty. Code Price / Roll Price / Roll Price / Roll250 PS2 $41.87 69.80 87.35 250 EV2 59.00 96.98 121.23 Add Material and Package Quantity Code:500 PS5 66.98 111.65 139.76 500 EV5 92.98 154.98 193.69Adhesive-Poly (500/Roll)EV5 = LZN633EV5NFPA Protective Equipment Label Self-LaminatingBoth chemical hazardNFPAinformation and protective Protective equipment on one label Fill in the NFPA diamond Equipment Labelhazard codesAdhesive-Poly with polyester Check off the appropriateoverlaminate flapprotective equipment during Available in packages of 25exposure to the chemical Use NO WATERWOXOxidizerSimple Asphyxiant SAAcid ACID Available in Adhesive-Poly Alkali ALKCorrosive CORRadiation HazardNote: Non-standard symbols in gray.Protective Equipment Clear Overlaminate for LabelsSize No. Price / Each No. Price / Each3 1/2" x 5" LZN111 $3.51 LZS155 1.765" x 7" LZN112 8.12 LZS156 4.07 Size No. Price / Pkg. of 257" x 10" LZN113 11.21 LZS157 5.60 3 1/2" x 5" LZN415$30.8310" x 14" LZN114 16.82 LZS158 8.42 5" x 7" LZN412 69.20INSTABILITYSimple Asphyxiant SANote: Non-standard symbols in gray.Use NO WATER OxidizerSimple Asphyxiant SAAcidAlkaliCorrosiveRadiation HazardNote: Non-standard symbols in gray.NFPA Target Organ Label NFPA Chemical Identification Label Combines the specific chemical and human body hazard information Identify hazardous chemicals by labeling their features on anFill in the NFPA diamond hazard codes easy-to-use format. Check off the list for: route of entry, health hazards, physical hazards, and target organs and effectsFill in the NFPA diamond hazard codes Available in Adhesive-PolyCheck off substance characteristics, severity of health hazards, and personal protective equipmentTarget Organ Clear Overlaminate for LabelsAvailable in Adhesive-PolySize No. Price / Each No. Price / Each3 1/2" x 5" LZN102 $3.51 LZS155 1.76 Size No. Price / Each5" x 7" LZN103 8.12 LZS156 4.07 5" x 7" LZN205$8.127" x 10" LZN104 11.21 LZS157 5.60 7" x 10" LZN207 11.21520 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'