b'DOT Flip PlacardsChange multiple hazard placards by flipping over the placard signs. Easily flip to the correct placard with the appropriate hazard classification when container contents change Durable, rustproof aluminum construction with stainless steel clips to keep the placard in place Frame holder measures 13 3/4" x 13 3/4" Standard legend frames are available in split style for hinged roll-up doorsStandard Legend Flip Placards Digit Flip Placards4-Legend Placards contain: MPF401 Get the all-in-one convenience of having the combination of 4-digit UN identification numbers and hazard classification placards.Flammable Gas (Class 2) Inhalation Hazard (Class 2) MPF406 Flip to the proper number and then flip toNon-Flammable Gas (Class 2) the corresponding placard in a matterMPF472 Oxygen (Class 2) of seconds. Available in standard style only. White Blank Placard MPF270Style White Frame Price / EachStandardMPF401 $59.92StyleSplit Style MPF406 82.22 4-Legends contain:MPF802Flammable Gas (Class 2)2-Legends contain:Inhalation Hazard (Class 2)8-Legend Placards contain:Combustible (white bottom, red 3)Non-Flammable Gas (Class 2) Corrosive (Class 8)Flammable (all red, white 3)Oxygen (Class 2) Dangerous MPF807White Blank PlacardWhite Blank Placard Flammable (Class 3) MPF809 No. Finish Price / Each No. Finish Price / EachMPF270 Unpainted$93.15 MPF472 White Frame $103.19 Flammable Gas (Class 2) Frame Inhalation Hazard (Class 6) Non-Flammable Gas (Class 2) MPF577 MPF575 Oxidizer (Class 5.1) Poison (Class 6) White Blank PlacardStyle UnpaintedWhitePrice / EachStandardFrame No. Frame No. 5-Legends contain: 5-Legends contain:Style MPF802 MPF804 $65.65 MPF804Corrosive (Class 8)Combustible (white bottom, Class 3)Split Style MPF807 MPF809 81.04Flammable (Class 3)Corrosive (Class 8)15-Legend Placards contain: MPF153Inhalation Hazard (Class 6)Flammable (all red, white Class 3)MPF157Oxidizer (Class 5.1)Inhalation Hazard (Class 6) Combustible (Class 3)Poison (Class 6)Poison (Class 6) Corrosive (Class 8)White Blank PlacardWhite Blank Placard Dangerous No. Finish Price / Each No. Finish Price / Each Dangerous When Wet (Class 4) MPF577 White Frame $105.12 MPF575 Unpainted$105.12 Flammable (Class 3) Frame Flammable Gas (Class 2) 8-Legends contain: MPF876 Flammable Solid (Class 4)Poison (Class 6)Combustible Miscellaneous (Class 9) Inhalation Hazard (Class 2)Spontaneously Combustible (Class 4) (white bottom, Class 3)Oxidizer (Class 5.1) Inhalation Hazard (Class 6)White Blank PlacardCorrosive (Class 8)Poison (Class 6) Miscellaneous (Class 9)Flammable White Blank Placard Non-Flammable Gas (Class 2) Style WhitePrice / Each (all red, white Class 3)Frame Oxidizer (Class 5.1) Standard Style MPF153 $96.53Inhalation Hazard (Class 2) No. Finish Price / Each PG III (Class 6) Split Style MPF157 117.07Inhalation Hazard (Class 6) MPF876 Unpainted$105.98FrameCustom DOT Flip PlacardsCreate your own combination of hazard class and division placards to meet yourTo order, reference part number MPF155 for standard legend style and MPF955 specific hazardous material requirements in standard legends and 4-digit styles.for 4-digit style, as well as specify placard legends, standard or split style and Choose from 1 to 9 (plus white panel) approved placards that meet DOTquantity. Contact us for a quote.roadway specifications.527 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'