b'DOT Placards Hazard Class 2Gases, Poison, Flammable & Non-Flammable Identify specific hazardous materials by applying toMPL202 MPL201 MPL206visible locations Use placards on vehicles and large containers Specific color schemes, symbols, words, and numbers requirements identify the hazard Square-diamond format: Placard - 273 mm x 273 mm (10 3/4" x 10 3/4")Hazard Class 1Explosives & Blasting AgentsMPL11: 1.1AMPL204 MPL205MPL12: 1.1B MPL13: 1.1C MPL14: 1.1D MPL15: 1.1E MPL16: 1.1F MPL17: 1.1G MPL18: 1.1JHazard Class 3 Flammable LiquidsMPL19: 1.1LMPL301 MPL302 MPL303 MPL304MPL110: 1.2B MPL111: 1.2C MPL112: 1.2D MPL113: 1.2E MPL114: 1.2F MPL115: 1.2G MPL116: 1.2H MPL117: 1.2J MPL118: 1.2K MPL119: 1.2LHazard Class 4Flammable SolidsMPL120: 1.3CMPL402 MPL401 MPL403MPL121: 1.3F MPL122: 1.3G MPL123: 1.3H MPL124: 1.3J MPL125: 1.3K MPL126: 1.3LMPL127: 1.4B MPL128: 1.4CHazard Class 5Oxidizer & Organic PeroxideMPL129: 1.4D MPL130: 1.4E MPL131: 1.4FMPL501 MPL504MPL132: 1.4G MPL133: 1.4SMPL134: DHazard Class 6Poisonous & Infectious SubstancesMPL606 MPL601 MPL604 MPL603MPL135: N528 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'