b'4-Digit DOT Hazard Class 2Gases, Poison, Flammable & Non-FlammablePlacards Ready-to-go placards meet chemical-specific DOT specifications Printed with hazard classification, hazard division, and 4-digit UN identification number Measures: 273 mm x 273 mmMPL721 (Ammonia, MPL725MPL722MPL724 MPL726(10 3/4" x 10 3/4") Anhydrous, Liquefied) (Chlorine) (Oxygen) (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) (Refrigerated Liquid Oxygen)Hazard Class 3 Flammable LiquidsMPL731 MPL744MPL733MPL735MPL737 MPL739(Acetone) (Diesel Fuel) (Gasoline) (Naphtha) (Paint) (Crude Oil)MPL730 MPL732 MPL734 MPL736 MPL738 MPL740(Petroleum Oil) (Fuel, Aviation) (Resin Solution) (Flammable Liquid) (Combustible Liquid) (Asphalt, Tars)(Combustible Liquid)Hazard Class 5Oxidizer Hazard Class 8Corrosives Hazard Class 9 MPL751 MPL782 MPL784 MPL791 MPL793 MPL770(Ammonium Nitrate) (Corrosive Liquid) (Sodium Hydroxide Solution) (Environmental Hazard-Liquid) (Environmental Hazard-Solid) (49CFR172.325)How to OrderDOT Placards: PF-Cardstock Adhesive Vinyl Plastic Magnetic Vinyl Removable Vinyl Reflective VinylCT VS VP MG RM FVSelect SignQty. Qty. Code Price / Qty. Price / Qty. Price / Qty. Price / Qty. Price / Qty. Price / Qty. Part Number:Each 1 $3.86 6.53 7.16 11.00 7.49 18.77MPL721 Pkg. of 10 10 28.45 55.57 65.51 95.24 68.21 161.46 Add Material and PackagePkg. of 25 25 45.50 114.35 148.37 201.23 154.15 338.09Quantity Code: PF-CardstockCT10/Pkg.10 = MPL721CT10 Pkg. of 50 50 72.09 174.98 217.22 329.92 226.21 541.82Pkg. of 100 100 106.55 242.63 275.42 514.72 288.50 814.73Material No.Custom 4-Digit DOT Placards PF-Cardstock MPL465We can create 4-digit DOT placards in small to large quantities. Placards would contain yourAdhesive Vinyl MPL475specified 4-digit identification number. Contact us today for a quote. Specify material by part numberPlastic MPL485and provide us the hazard classification, hazard division, 4-digit identification number, and quantity. Magnetic Vinyl MPL445Note: If the placard is to be used on public roadways and railways, it must contain the properRemovable Vinyl MPL435combination of hazard classification, division, and identification numbers, as specified by DOT. Reflective Vinyl MPL405531 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'