b'Orange 4-Digit Panels DOT 49 CFR 172.332 (a).identification number markings must be displayed on orange panels or placards. (b) Orange Panels. Display of4-digit UN identification number on an orange panel as per DOT specification an identification number on an orange panel shall be in conformance. Panel measures 6.3"H (160 mm) x 15.7"W (400 mm) 3.9"H (100 mm) black numbers inside a .6"W (15 mm) black border Available 10 per packageHow to Order Orange 4-Digit Panels:MPR601 MPR603 MPR605Select Sign Part Number: MPR601(Propane) (Gasoline) (Corrosive Liquid, n.o.s.) Add Material Code: PF-CardstockCT = MPR601CTPrice per Pkg. of 10MPR607 MPR609 MPR611 PF-CardstockCT Adhesive VinylVS PlasticVP Magnetic VinylMG(Sodium Hydroxide) (Ammonium Nitrate) (Argon, refrigerated liquid, n.o.s.) $30.24 56.14 82.06 225.23MPR613 MPR615 MPR617(Nitrogen, refrigerated liquid, n.o.s.) (Flammable Liquids, n.o.s.) (Molten Sulfur)MPR619 MPR621 MPR623(Titanium Trichloride mixture) (Corrosive Liquid, toxic, n.o.s.) (Hazardous Waste, solid, n.o.s.)Panel HolderBlack, .030" aluminum holder with spring clipNo. Price / EachMPR625 MPR642 MPR646(Hazardous Waste, liquid, n.o.s.) (Explosives, blasting, type E) (Explosives, blasting, type B) MPR750 $43.79Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Custom Orange 4-Digit Panels Material No.We can print orange panels with your specific 4-digit UN chemicalPF-Cardstock MPR155identification number. Provide us your 4-digit number and quantity. Adhesive Vinyl MPR255Plastic MPR355Magnetic Vinyl MPR455Special Placarding for Highway ( 172.507) and Rail ( 172.510)MDTRHP01 MDTRHP02 MDTRHP03 MDTRHP19 MDTRHP20 MDTRHP0449 CFR part172.527 Background requirements for certainHow to Order Placards:placards. (b) In addition to meeting the requirements of 172.519 for minimum durability and strength, the square background must consist of a white square measuring 14 Select Sign Part Number: MDTRHP04 Price per EachAdhesive VinylPlastic 1/4" (362.0 mm.) on each side surrounded by a black borderSize VS VPextending to 15 1/4" (387.0 mm.) on each side.Add Material Code: Adhesive VinylVS = MDTRHP04VS 15 1/4" x 15 1/4" $11.21 18.26532 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'