b'Military Fire Division Flip Placard Price per Each Non-Reflective ReflectiveWhen hazardous chemicals change, just flipPanel Size No. Price / Each No. Price / Eachto the right Military Fire Division placard! 12" MPG212 $146.94 MPG202 252.3224" MPG224 439.23 MPG204 735.08 Each attached flip panel is a different Fire Division Symbol Ideal for areas where hazardous materials or chemicals change or indicate a status of Empty or Inert One sign consists of six flip panels in reflective or non-reflective aluminum Custom Military Fire Division Flip Placard Sturdy .080" thick aluminum backing with rounded corners Durable and rust-proof construction withstands weather Flip placards can be made with additional flips and in any size to suit your needs. and other environmental conditions Contact us with part number MPG555 for a quote. Pre-drilled 3/8 post mount holesNote: Empty and Inert panels not shown.Military Fire Division SymbolsThese hazard identification symbols are used to mark locations where ammunition and explosives are stored asspecified in the Department of Defense Ammunition and Explosives Safety StandardsDoD 6055.9-STD, Chapter 8. Fire Divisions Chemical Hazard Symbols Supplemental Chemical Hazard SymbolsFire Division 1 or 5 Fire Division 2 or 6 Wear Full Protective Clothing G-Type Nerve Agents VX Nerve Agents12" MPG121 12" MPG123 12" MPG322 12" MPG324 12" MPG326 12" MPG610 12" MPG61224" MPG142 24" MPG144 24" MPG343 24" MPG345 24" MPG347 24" MPG631 24" MPG633Fire Division 3 Fire Division 4 Wear Breathing Apparatus Apply No Water H-Type Mustard Agents Lewisite12" MPG125 12" MPG127 12" MPG321 12" MPG328 12" MPG614 12" MPG61624" MPG146 24" MPG148 24" MPG342 24" MPG349 24" MPG635 24" MPG637How to Order Military Fire Division Symbols: Price per EachDura-VinylPlastic-LiteMagnetic VinylReflective SheetReflective Plastic-LiteSelect Sign Part Number: MPG324 Size XV PL MG FV RP12" $20.50 25.06 33.80 34.51 38.36 Add Material Code: Dura-VinylXV = MPG324XV 24" 44.21 56.75 69.91 71.42 79.33DOD 6055.9-STD C8.3. Fire Division Symbols. C8.3.1. The four fireC8.T2. FIRE DIVISION SYMBOLSdivisions are represented by four distinctive symbols so that firefightingSHAPE FIRE DIVISION SYMBOLpersonnel can recognize the hazards. A fire division number is shownOctagon 1on each symbol. For the purpose of identifying these symbols from longCross 2range, the symbols differ in shape as shown in Table C8.T2. Inverted Triangle 3Diamond 4533 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'