b'DOT LabelsHazard Class 1Explosives & Blasting Agents Hazard Class 2Gases, Poison, Flammable & Non-FlammableMSL201 MSL202 MSL206(InternationalUse Only)MSL11: 1.1AMSL110: 1.2BMSL120: 1.3CMSL127: 1.4B MSL12: 1.1BMSL111: 1.2CMSL121: 1.3FMSL128: 1.4CMSL204 MSL205MSL13: 1.1CMSL112: 1.2DMSL122: 1.3GMSL129: 1.4D MSL14: 1.1DMSL113: 1.2EMSL123: 1.3HMSL130: 1.4E MSL15: 1.1EMSL114: 1.2FMSL124: 1.3JMSL131: 1.4F MSL16: 1.1FMSL115: 1.2GMSL125: 1.3KMSL132: 1.4G MSL17: 1.1GMSL116: 1.2HMSL126: 1.3L MSL133: 1.4SMSL18: 1.1JMSL117: 1.2J MSL19: 1.1L MSL118: 1.2K MSL119: 1.2LMSL134: D MSL135: N MSL1SBEHazard Class 3 Flammable Liquids Hazard Class 4Flammable SolidsMSL301 MSL401 MSL402 MSL403Hazard Class 5Oxidizer &Hazard Class 6Poisonous &Hazard Class 7Radioactive Hazard Class 8 Organic Peroxide Infectious SubstancesMSL501 MSL601 MSL607 MSL701 MSL702 MSL801MSL504 MSL605 MSL608 MSL703 MSL704MSL606Hazard Class 9Miscellaneous Dangerous GoodsMSL902 MSL9033" x 5"MSL604How to Order DOT Shipping Labels:Price per EachSize Qty. / Roll Qty. Code Adhesive Coated PaperPS Adhesive-PolyEV Select Label Part Number: 4" x 4" = MSL127 3" x 5"250 2 $33.77 48.474" x 4"3" x 5"Add Material and Quantity Code: Adhesive-Poly (500/Roll)EV5 = MSL127EV5 4" x 4" 500 5 39.99 77.49535 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'