b'Shipping LabelsUse labeling to ensure safe handling of packages. Labels contain instructions for proper care of package Bold graphics and text are easily interpreted Place in visible location on package Adhesive-backed, coated paper on continuous liner Roll of 500International Shipping Labels4" x 3"MPC128 4" x 3"MPC123 4" x 3"MPC111 4" x 3"MPC112 4" x 3"MPC1176" x 4"MPC129 6" x 4"MPC124 6" x 4"MPC120 6" x 4"MPC130 6" x 4"MPC1185" x 3"MSL2288" x 4"MPC1264" x 3"MPC105 4" x 3"MPC107 4" x 4"MPC140 4" x 4"MPC142 4" x 4"MPC144 4" x 4"MSL2266" x 4"MPC106 6" x 4"MPC1082" x 3"MPC1044" x 4"MPC101 6" x 4"MPC103 6" x 4"MPC102 3" x 5"MPC114 4" x 4"MSL2324" x 3"MPC109 4" x 3"MPC125 4" x 3"MPC121 4" x 3"MPC131 4" x 3"MPC1356" x 4"MPC110 6" x 4"MPC127 6" x 4"MPC122 6" x 4"MPC132 6" x 4"MPC136RoHS Labels2" x 8"MPC160 1" x 1"MPC212 3/4" DiameterMPC2172" x 2"MPC210 2" x 2"MPC214538 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'