b'FrontBackA12" x 72" Vinyl BannerSBT174FrontBackB18" x 84" Vinyl Banner SBT188Meets American Association of State Highway and TransportationCOfficials (AASHTO) Guide specifications for Motorist Aid Systems 3.13Transportation Banners & Signs 18" x 84" Reflective Vinyl BannerSBT176Large banners alert motorists to oversized loads. Constructed of durable vinyl D Bold, black letters with bright, contrastingbackground for long-distance visibility 18" x 84"Mesh Vinyl BannerSBT167 Two-sided, different messagesEStyle Material Size No. Price / EachA.Vinyl12" x 72" SBT174 $46.3712" x 72" Hinged Reflective AluminumSBT191 B.Vinyl18" x 84" SBT188 58.09 18" x 84"Hinged AluminumSBT187C. Reflective Vinyl 18" x 84" SBT176 345.60D.Mesh Vinyl18" x 84" SBT167 70.79E.Reflective12" x 72" SBT191 371.61 FAluminumE. Aluminum 18" x 84" SBT187 265.18F. Aluminum 18" x 30" (Each Piece) SBT195 176.67 18" x 30" 2 piece .063" AluminumSBT195Easy MountSpring Mount Adapter BaseVehicle Safety FlagImprove vehicle visibility with the safety flagstaff.Shown in caseFlexible white fiberglass flagpole(included)with mounting base 11"H x 12"W coated nylon flag Slow Moving Vehicle Sign Easy Mount Adapter - for quick connect/ Emergency Warning Triangles Comply with OSHA1910.145 (d) (10) disconnect Place on roadside toand ASAE S276.7. Spring Mount Base - adds flexibility alert traffic of hazards. For vehicles that by design move 25 mph To order, add Flag color code to Flagstaff part number. Orange - OR, Green - GN, Yellow - YL.Three visible-orange 17 1/2" plastic edgesor less on public roadwayswith red reflectors on both sides14" x 16" reflectiveHeight No. Price / EachWeighted base, withstands 40 mph wind testFlag & FlagstaffOverall height: 16 1/2" Type No. Price / Each5-ft. FSH451 $87.62Folds down to stow away inLabel Decal FRW620 $23.268-ft. FSH482 103.57 red plastic case (included) Plastic FRW622 25.96Accessories Steel FRW624 27.14Easy Mount Adapter FSH406 41.02 No. Price / Pkg. of 3 Mounting Hardware* FRW628 9.65Spring Mount Base FSH404 78.84 FSA173 $55.87 * For offset mounting of plastic and steel versions.545 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'