b'High-Intensity Prismatic Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. No.Size Complies with MUTCD regulation for traffic signs 9" x 12" THP912on all roads open to public traffic 12" x 12" THP1212 Over three times brighter than standard 12" x 18" THP1218Engineer-Grade Prismatic sheeting 18" x 18" THP1818 Guaranteed up to 7 years 12" x 36" THP1236 Meets ASTM D 4956, Type III, Type IV and Type X TM 18" x 24" THP1824 Protected by Duck Armor24" x 24" THP242424" Diamond THP24DIA24" Octagon THP24OCT24" x 30" THP243024" x 36" THP243630" x 30" THP303030" Diamond THP30DIA30" Octagon THP30OCT30" x 48" THP304836" x 36" THP363636" Diamond THP36DIA36" Octagon THP36OCT36" x 48" THP364836" x 60" THP3660Reflective Colors 48" x 48" THP484848" Diamond THP48DIAOrange White Blue Green Red Yellow Brown 48" x 72" THP4872other size THP555DG High-PrismCombination fluorescent and DG High-Prism reflectivesurface for superior visibility in any environment Quantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote. Size No.Over 10 timesbrighter than 9" x 12" XA912standard Engineer- 12" x 12" XA1212Grade Prismatic 12" x 18" XA1218sheeting 18" x 18" XA1818 Guaranteed TM 18" x 24" XA1824up to 7 years 24" x 24" XA2424 Meets ASTM Type IX 24" Diamond XA24DIA Protected by 30" x 30" XA3030Duck Armor 30" Diamond XA30DIA36" x 36" XA3636Reflective Colors 36" Diamond XA36DIA48" x 48" XA484848" Diamond XA48DIAFluorescentFluorescentWhite Blue Green Red Yellow Brown other size XA555Yellow Green OrangeREFLECTIVERETROREFLECTIVITYEXPECTEDMEETSTEMPERATUREUVCHEMICALABRASION MATERIAL TYPE CD/LUX/M2 RETROREFLECTIVITYASTMRANGE RESISTANCE RESISTANCE RESISTANCELIFE D4956Engineer-GradeTRF 30 7 Type I -30 to 200F Excellent Excellent ExcellentPrismaticHigh-IntensityTHP 200 10 Type III,-30 to 200F Excellent Excellent ExcellentPrismatic IV, XDG High-Prism XA400 12 IX -30 to 200F Excellent Excellent Excellent551 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'