b'Custom Street Signs Recommended Minimum Letter Heights on Post-Mounted Street Name SignsAdd your street name, company logo, or symbol. TYPE OF SPEED RECOMMENDED MINIMUM LETTER HEIGHT .080" aluminum is reflective on both sideschoose from Engineer-GradeSTREET/HWY LIMIT INITIAL UPPER-CASE LOWER-CASEPrismatic or High-Intensity Prismatic sheeting Multi-lane More than 40 mph 8 inches 6 inches Choose size based on desired letter height and length of street name Multi-lane 40 mph or less 6 inches 4.5 inches Mount signs to U-Channel or Tubular Posts with brackets (sold separately) Two-lane All speed limits 6 inches 4.5 inchesTwo-lane 25 mph or less 4 inches* 3 inches**Option for local two-lane streets with speed limits of 25 mph or less. Source: MUTCD 2009 Ed, Table 2D-2MUTCD-compliant color combinations:White lettering Black lettering Other colors availableBlue Green Brown WhiteQuantity breaks available. Contact us for a quote.Size Upper CaseLower CaseApprox. Engineer-GradeHigh-IntensityChar. Ht. Char. Ht. No. Char. Prismatic No. Prismatic No.6" x 24" 4" 3" 12 FRS324 FRS4266" x 30" 4" 3" 16 FRS330 FRS4326" x 36" 4" 3" 20 FRS336 FRS4389" x 24" 6" 4.5" 8 FRS824 FRS9269" x 30" 6" 4.5" 12 FRS830 FRS9329" x 36" 6" 4.5" 16 FRS836 FRS938Section 2D.43 Street Name Signs 9" x 42" 6" 4.5" 18 FRS842 FRS944The lettering for names of streets and highways9" x 48" 6" 4.5" 20 FRS848 FRS950on Street Name signs shall be composed of a12" x 30" 8" 6" 7 FRS730 FRS232combination of lower-case letters with initial12" x 36" 8" 6" 9 FRS736 FRS238upper-case letters (see Section 2A.13). 12" x 42" 8" 6" 10 FRS742 FRS244The Street Name sign shall be retroreflective or illuminated to show the12" x 48" 8" 6" 12 FRS748 FRS250same shape and similar color both day and night. The color of the legendother size FRS155 FRS655(and border, if used) shall contrast with the background color of the sign.Street Sign BracketsDurable brackets are made of cast aluminum,U-Channel Post Mount, 180 U-Channel Post Mount, 90 Tubular Pipe Post Mount Square Post Mount, and have a .16" slot to hold Custom Street1 3/4" ODSigns (above). All brackets have 5 1/2" long slots and are flat blade type.Note: U-Channel brackets fit8-ft. and longer posts.Price / Each$20.31 HSR602 HSR601 HSR603 HSR607Posts Tubular Post U-Channel Post Square Post Mount signs to these rugged posts using sign bracketsPosts can be set in ground, concrete, or portable base (sold separately) U-Channel posts have 3/8" holes on 1" centers along the length Tubular posts have a 2 3/8" outside diameter with 0.64" wall thickness Square posts are 14-gauge galvanized steel with a 7/16" hole on 1" centers Other sizes and styles available on our websiteItem Length No. Price / EachTubular Post 8-ft.HSP118 $72.13U-Channel Post 8-ft. HSP108 64.78Square Post 8-ft. HSP140 91.13HSP118 HSP108 HSP140552 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'