b'Traffic Control SignsKeep traffic moving, organized, and under control.Post traffic signs to safely direct and regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in and around parking areas, dock areas, and roadways. Keep driveways, throughways, and curbs free of vehicles and direct to designated parking locations with proper signs. Use signs as specified by the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), which contains the national standards as law governing all traffic control devices to bring uniformity to the roadway for safe mobility.MUTCD Section 2A.07 Retroreflectivity and IlluminationRegulatory, warning, and guide signs shall be retroreflective or illuminated to show the same shape and similar color by both day and night. We offer several styles of reflective traffic signs to meet the requirements for sign visibility. Municipalities require specific levels of reflectivity to increase the driver awareness of potential road hazards. The reflective surface increases the signs visibility in low-light conditions and dark areas, as well as in broad daylight. Reflective sheeting is bonded to .080 aluminum and printed with UV-inks to prevent fading.MUTCD Section 1A.12 Color Code Look for Code Designations on MUTCD-Compliant Legends!The general meaning of the 13 colors shall be as follows:R2-1A. Blackregulation G. Greenindicated movementsB. Blueroad user services guidance,permitted, direction guidancetourist information, and evacuation routeH. Light Blueunassigned C. Brownrecreational and cultural interestI. Orangetemporary traffic controlarea guidanceJ. PurpleunassignedD. Coralunassigned K. Redstop or prohibitionW7-118" x 12"FRR218E.Fluorescent Pinkincident management L. Whiteregulation 24" x 18"FRR224 24" x 24"FRW439M. Yellowwarning 30" x 30"FRW440F.Fluorescent Yellow-Greenpedestrian30" x 24"FRR324warning, bicycle warning, playground warning, school bus and school warningPlease consult the MUTCD for specific size and reflectivity requirements for your application.High-Intensity Prismatic Traffic Signs Traffic-related signs are available in three levels of reflectivity: Traffic Sign RegulationMUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) identifies thatEngineer-Grade Prismatic, High-Intensity Prismatic, and DG DOT 23 Part 655 traffic signs and pavement markings on all roads open to publicHigh-Prism. However, there will be an eventual phase-out of traffic (including private facilities that have public visitors) are toEngineer-Grade Prismatic on certain sign message types. be High-Intensity Prismatic. Businesses are encouraged to evaluate traffic-related signage Businesses with public access roads are to upgrade regulatory,throughout their facility for reflectivity, look to upgrade any warning, and street name signs to a higher minimum reflectivitynon-compliant signs, and install additional reflective signs. It is material, known as High-Intensity Prismatic, for the publics safetyalways best to ensure that traffic sign retroreflectivity is at or and improved visibility. Messages on High-Intensity Prismaticabove minimum levels for optimum safety and visibility.signs can be seen much easier than traditional Engineer-GradeThe following signs are identified as not having to be upgraded Prismatic message signsup to 1,000-ft. at night. to High-Intensity Prismatic.2009 MUTCD SECTION NO. REQUIREMENT SUMMARY DEADLINE A. Parking, Standing, and Stopping signs (R7 and R8 series).B.Walking/Hitchhiking/Crossing signs (R9 series, R10-1 Deadlines requiring that certain streetname signs be replaced to meet minimumthrough R10-4b).retroreflectivity standards and requiring largerC.Acknowledgment signs.lettering on street signs have been eliminated, Implementation and continued usebut must be replace and updated, when theD. All signs with blue or brown backgrounds - this includes of an assessment or managementuseful life of sign has expired. 2A.08 method that is designed to maintainADA signs and recreational signs.regulatory and warning sign12 deadlines are retained for sign upgrades that retroreflectivity at or above theare critical to public safety including: installingE.Bikeway signs that are intended for exclusive use byestablished minimum levels. ONE WAY signs at intersections with dividebicyclists or pedestrians.highways or one-ways streets and require STOP or YIELD signs to be added at allThese can continue to be available in Engineer-Grade Prismatic.railroads crossing that dont have train-activated automatic gates or flashing lights.553 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'