b'Find It Quickly with Our Legend LocatorSearch our traffic section with this easy-to-use legend locator. The legend locator appears alphabetically and lists each sign by legenduseful in searching for alternate messages for LOOKING FOR Aa particular application. The legend is provided first, followed by the catalog page(s).SPECIFIC MESSAGE?LEGENDPAGE NO. LEGENDPAGE NO. LEGENDPAGE NO.Accessible Entrance (w/Handicapped571 Employee Parking567, 569,No Left Turn (Symbol)558Symbol)570 No Outlet559All Traffic (w/Arrow) 569 Employee Parking Only570 No Overnight Parking Violators Will All Way 557 End Detour581 Be Towed Away At Vehicle Owners566Approach Slowly Gate Will Open 569 End Road Work 581 Expense Arrow560 End School Zone561 No Parking566, 567Authorized Vehicles Only567 End Utility Work582 No Parking Any Time566, 570Back-In Parking Only567, 570 Enter (w/Arrow)569 No Parking Beyond This Point566559, 572,Enter Only569 No Parking Fire Lane566Be Prepared To Stop580, 582 Equestrian Crossing560 No Parking Fire Lane Keep Clear At All566Bicycle Crossing (Symbol) 561, 562 Times Exit 569 No Parking Loading Zone566, 570Bike Lane 561 Exit Closed581Buckle UpAnd Drive Carefully!568 No Parking On Grass566Exit Only569, 581 No Parking Private Property Unauthorized Buckle Up And Drive Safely568 Exit Only Do Not Enter569 Vehicles Towed Away566Buckle Up! Its The Law 568 Exit Open581 566, 567, Bump 560 No Parking (Symbol)570Flagger Ahead 582Caution Slow Down Pedestrian Traffic561 Flagger (Symbol)580, 582 No Parking Tow Away Zone (Symbol)566Caution Speed Bump560 Fresh Oil 582 No Parking Tow Away Zone 566Caution Speed Bumps Ahead560 Fresh Tar582 No Parking Violators Will Be Towed Away566, 570Chevron (Symbol)560 At Vehicle Owners Expense Golf Cart Crossing560 No Parking/Tow-Away (Symbols)566Company Vehicles Only567 Handicapped Crossing (Symbol)560, 562Construction Ahead582 No Right Turn (Symbol)558Handicapped Graphic571, 572 No Texting While Driving568Cow Crossing (Symbol)560 Handicapped Parking571Cross Only At Cross Walks 561 No Texting While Driving Its The Law568Handicapped Parking Only571 No Thru Traffic 569, 570Cross Traffic Does Not Stop559 Handicapped Parking Only Minimum Fine Danger Not Sufficient Clearance565 $250571 No Trespassing Vendors & Visitors Must569, 570Register At Main OfficeDanger Railroad Crossing565 Handicapped Parking Vehicle ID Required571 No Trespassing Violators Will Be Dangerous Intersection 559 Head In Parking Only567 Prosecuted570Deer Crossing (Symbol)560 Hill Blocks View560 No Trucks 559, 569, Delivery Entrance569 Horse Drawn Vehicle Crossing560 570Derail564 Hospital (Symbol)572 No Trucks Over __ Lbs Empty Wt559Detour581 Keep Right558 No Trucks (Symbol)559Detour Ahead580, 582 Left583 No Turn On Red 559Diagonal Downward Arrow561 Left Curve Arrow560 No Turns 558Divided Highway Crossing (w/RailLeft Turn Only Arrow558 No U Turn (Symbol) 558Graphic) 565 Object Marker565Left Turn (Symbol)560Do Not Block Driveway 24 Hour Access567 Loading Dock (w/Arrow)569 Office 569RequiredOn Ramp 581Do Not Enter 558, 569 Loose Gravel580, 582Low Ground Clearance Railroad Crossing565 One Lane Bridge559Do Not Pass558 One Lane Closed Ahead582Do Not Stop On Tracks565 Men Working 580, 582Minimum Fine $250571 One Lane Road Ahead 580, 582Double Reverse Curve582 One Way558Emergency Medical Care572 Motorcycle Parking Only567, 570Mowing Ahead582 One Way Do Not Enter569Emergency Scene Ahead572 Parallel RR Xing/T-Intersection565Emergency Signal 559 Narrow Bridge558No Left Or U Turn (Symbol)558 Parking $50 To $300 Fine (w/Handicapped571Emergency Signal Ahead560 Graphic) 554 signkore.com | 780.406.1888All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Freight/Shipping charges may apply to items not in stock. Prices are subject to change without notice.'